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[Story] Meant To Be – Episode 34



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Mrs Johnson’s brother had returned to lagos with her. No one have heard from them since they returned to Lagos,…. The Johnson ‘s family was once again happy and thankful to God.. Angela and Richie’ s wedding preparation was ongoing,Everyone have been busy preparing for the wedding. Friends, home and abroad are to attend the wedding,…. Vanessa and the twins returned home a week to the wedding, her husband would join them on the wedding eve,……. Angela’s joy knew no bound,…… Grandma’s friend will also attend wedding,…. Everyone was in the sitting room chatting one evening, when the security guard came in and informed them that some visitors were around to see them,…… Thinking it’s one of their family friends, they told him to allow them in,……… The front door opened and they saw their step mum wheeled into the sitting room,.her brother and uncle walked in behind her,…… Mr Johnson stood up abruptly,…. Everyone was shocked,…… “Benny, why are you here again?,….. I warned you never to step your foot into any of my properties,…….” mr Johnson asked her furiously Vanessa who was lost in her thought regained herself immediately her father spoke,…… Her mouth was still open in surprise with the sight of her step mum,….. She moved closer to Richie and whispered to him,…. “Why is she looking like a ghost?,….she changed drastically,… She’s just a shadow of herself, looking haggard and unkept,…. ” Richie gave her a smirking look,…… She understood what he meant and quietly moved back to her seat,….. Benny ‘s uncle greeted everyone,…… He begged mr Johnson to grant them audience,….. “Mr Johnson, i know you’re angry with your ex wife,…. I want you to know that you’re not the only one she offended, everyone in our family is not happy with her, she’s more of an outcast in the family now… … She has finally given her life to Christ,….. She has been living in solitude,……. But the strange characters she started exhibiting forced us to bring her here today,…… “Benny’s uncle explained “I dont understand, if she’s not feeling fine, i’m not a doctor, she should visit the doctor” mr Johnson said bluntly “Please Mr Johnson, calm down,…. This is not a medical problem,….. She wakes up every morning with a startle,….. She will refuse eating her food or take drugs,….. All she does is cry from morning till night,… We had to invite a man of God who revealed that she must confess to your family of all the evil she committed before she’ll have peace of mind,…… “her brother explained further “Hmmmmm, evil?, we already knew all she did,…. She wanted to kill me, my daughter inlaw and grand child,…. There’s nothing more to confess,… “Mr Johnson said Tears dropped from Benny’s eyes as she watched her ex husband speak angrily … She then got courage to speak up,….. “There’s more to confess,.!”she said interrupting him “I…… killed….. your……….. wife!!!!!!.. “she shouted in tears Everyone stood up immediately in shock. “What are you trying to say?,….. I was there,…. She fell down the stairs and was rushed to the hospital,….. She died after the surgery!.. “mr Johnson exlaimed in shock trying to remember what happened that night. “That wasnt what happened,. I lied about her falling down the stairs,…. I’ll tell you how it all started,…….”she said amidst tears “You better start talking before i finish you up, you wicked woman!!!!! “Richard screamed at her holding his fingers in a twist……. “Ermmm,….. Errmmmm……. Please don’t hit me, i’m already dying, i’m already paying for my sins,….. “she begged Richie “You have not started suffering,…… You’ll die in anguish,.!!!!! “Vanessa smirked at her She begged them all to calm down and listen to what she has to say…. “It all started when your dad proposed to your mother,….. I never loved your father. All i wanted was his money… I tried to seduce him but he was madly inlove with your mother… A friend of mine introduced me to a babalawo who helped me to use a love charm on him..he started dancing to my tune… I was his mistress while he was married to your mother… My mother found out about my secret affair with him and kicked against it.. “she paused and wiped away the tears that was streaming down her face,… She looked at Richard and Vanessa, then shook her head regretfully then continued. “Your mother never found out about my affair with your daddy, she still loved and treated me like a friend.. We continued with our secret affair until the day she caught us on her matrimonial bed, She was supposed to travel to the village, but her flight was cancelled, immediately she saw us, she screamed out loud and rushed out of the room. Your daddy hurried to the bathroom to dress up while i quickly tied a wrapper round my waist and followed her. I met her standing by the staircase still in shock,….. She didn’t know i was standing behind her. Then i….. Pushed her down the stairs,…….. “she narrated to everyone in a sorrowful tone “What!!!!!!!.,You were the one that pushed her down the stairs and you lied to me that she slipped and fell,….. You’re evil,…. You’re wicked, you ‘ll die a shameless death” Mr Johnson cursed her Everywhere was calm again,…… .. Grandma was busy sobbing and tapping her feet on the richly tiled floor. “I belong to a secret cult,….. I exchanged my womb and your father’s brain with power, wealth and fame..i kidnapped Angela when i found out that she was pregnant with Richard’s baby, i was asked to bring the foetus for rituals in replacement of your dad’s brain” “Jesus christ!!! “Angela let out a loud cry “I’ m sorry,…. Grandma please forgive me,… I made you forget your family,….. I planned everything to avoid you causing problems for me,… Richard and Angela please forgive me,….. I was warned never to allow you fall in Love” “I was warned not allow you or your sister fall inlove,… I tried my best to avoid it but i failed,….. I kidnapped your baby because i wanted to use her for rituals.. Please forgive,….. I now know that one can never battle with God,…… I’m sorry for what happened,……Angela please forgive me, i caused your father’s death,…i threatened his boss to sack him….” she begged crying uncontrollably,there was silence in the living room,… Only the sound of her hiccups could be heard,….. She started coughing continuously,… Angela rushed into the kitchen and brought a glass of water for her,….. She thanked her and gulped it down…… .. When she was done, her uncle got up and announced their departure.. He was ashamed of what his niece had done to the family….


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