Summer break is here and it’s time to review online safety for kids


As a parent of two young children who had their last day of school for the year just this week, my wife and I have been looking at ways to keep them entertained over the summer. Aside from family outings and day camp, more screen time will likely be on the itinerary for our kids. Parents are constantly looking at ways to keep their children as safe as possible, but online safety can sometimes be overwhelming and overlooked. 

This week, concerns over my children’s safety went into hyperdrive with the latest round of shootings at schools in the U.S.; causing my wife and I to again look into precautions we can put in place, and leading to some very tough conversations with our kids. Along with talks about how they were feeling about the news and how things were at school, we tied in talks about being safe online.

Being a parent is difficult enough when the world isn’t trying to destroy itself, but lately, keeping my kids safe is about all I can think about.

The level of involvement and protection methods parents need to use can vary greatly depending on the age of their children. To make the task even more daunting, there will also be different degrees of difficulty depending on the device, the service or software used, and the platform it’s on. 

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One of the most common bits of tech for kids is tablets. There are some really great Android tablets for kids, but some of the best are from Amazon — my six-year-old has an Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids, while my nine-year-old uses the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro. What made me pick these devices is the parental control software — Amazon Kids+. 


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