Apple will add Digital Keys support for Hyundai and BYD vehicles-

Apple has been working hard to transform the experience it offers with its devices. Since the iOS 15 announcement, the company revealed a bunch of features to make the Wallet app a strong database for your info and also a place to store documents. After a few months, the company keeps expanding the support for … Read more

Apple Safari browser crosses the 1 billion user mark

A new report shows that Apple’s Safari browser finally broke the 1 billion user mark. It is now officially the second browser with 1 billion users. However, the Safari browser is still a long way from Google Chrome. According to an atlas report, 1,006,232,879 internet users (19.16% of all internet users) are using the Safari browser. The … Read more

Apple was sued by the “jailbroken version of App Store, Cydia” in antitrust lawsuit

Apple has reportedly lost an antitrust lawsuit filed by Jay Freeman, the creator of a “jailbroken” iPhone and iPad app store called Cydia. That may sound ironic, but it’s exactly what is happening. According to the founders of the jailbroken app store, the Cupertino company retains an illegal monopoly on iOS app distribution through the … Read more

Apple Maps now testing improved data in France, Monaco and New Zealand

Cupertino has been periodically updating Apple Map data, bringing in more detailed views in select countries around the world. The improved maps will be available in France, Monaco and New Zealand soon. Testing has already started, though the public at large may have to wait until mid-July before they gain access – July 15, according … Read more

No Hope To See Apple VR / AR Headset At WWDC Next Week

The upcoming Apple VR / AR headset is on everyone’s lips. Not only Apple fans but also many manufacturers are looking up to the Cupertino-based company for inspiration. And though recently, we have been getting many leaks concerning this device, most likely, we won’t see it until 2023. In fact, we have known that Apple … Read more

Counterpoint: Smartwatch market grows in Q1, Apple maintains top spot

The smartwatch market between January and March 2022 saw a 13% increase in shipments, according to Counterpoint Research. The analysis of the wearable market across the globe revealed Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi all recorded an increase on yearly basis, despite the quarterly 24% decline – the holiday quarter is obviously hard to match. Associate Director … Read more

Kuo says Apple AR/VR headset not coming at WWDC

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst well-known for their accurate predictions on Apple products and strategies, suggested that Cupertino is unlikely to release the rumored AR/VR headset and the accompanying realityOS at WWDC next week. Apple VR headset sketch (Image: The Information) The analyst shared that Apple is not ready to launch the project, and … Read more

Caviar dresses up the Apple Watch 7 in bronze, gold and titanium

Apple hasn’t released a gold-plated smartwatch since the original Apple Watch Edition, switching over to ceramic and titanium instead. If you miss the decadent look but want a modern watch, Caviar has you covered. It released a series based on the Apple Watch 7, that roughly fall into two main versions. The first features embossed … Read more