The Google TV app finally makes its way to the iPhone for all your streaming needs

[ad_1] What you need to know The Google TV app is now available on iOS. Google’s current Play Movies & TV iOS app will automatically update to become Google TV. Watchlist, recommendations, ratings, highlights, and Assistant are all porting over from Android to iOS. Google TV’s personalized show recommendations are no longer exclusive to Android devices. … Read more

El iPhone 14 estrenará una característica que lleva 6 años en los móviles Android

Las filtraciones sobre los iPhone 14 no paran de llegar. Hoy toca hablar de una característica que incluirán y que lleva 6 años en los móviles Android. Hablamos del AOD o Always On Display, una tecnología que estrenó Samsung en 2016 y que ha estado disponible en muchos dispositivos desde entonces. Ahora Apple parece haber … Read more

Este es el smartphone Android que más se parece al iPhone 13: cuesta 10 veces menos

Parecía que las copias de las marcas chinas habían dado un respiro al diseño de los iPhone. Hoy tenemos noticias frescas de una marca bastante olvidada que ha presentado un smartphone calcado del iPhone 13. La marca es LeTV, un fabricante que fue conocido en el pasado y que ahora lleva tiempo sin novedad alguna. … Read more

iPhone 14 Pro will get this Samsung Galaxy S22 feature-

Apple is gearing up to introduce the iPhone 14 series later this year. Despite the rumors pointing to issues in components supply, the launch of the new Apple devices is still expected for September. According to recent leaks, the iPhone 14 keynote will happen on September 13. During the event, the company will also present … Read more

iPhone 14 series with iOS 16 exclusive features to start mass-production in August

Judging from various recent supply chain rumours, although the stocking of iPhone 14 has been affected by issues such as the pandemic, it will not interfere with Apple’s normal rhythm. The new phone will still arrive as scheduled on a Tuesday in September. According to the latest report from JPMorgan Chase, the iPhone 14 series … Read more

Kuo: TSMC will manufacture A16 Bionic chip on 5nm process for 2022 iPhone 14 series

TSMC published its roadmap, and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo spotted that this year the Taiwanese company will stick to 5nm process technology. This comes as an indication the new A16 Bionic chip for this year’s iPhones will be manufactured on the same fab process as the A15, bringing minor improvements. The aligns well with rumors that … Read more

Gurman: iPhone 14 Pro series to bring AOD functionality

In his latest Bloomberg newsletter report, Mark Gurman talks about iPhone 14 Pro series gaining Always-on display (AOD) functionality, iOS 16’s major new features and other announcements set to appear at WWDC 2022 on June 6. The big headline is the long-rumored AOD functionality which will likely be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and … Read more

Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android and iPhone

[ad_1] TECHBLET Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android and iPhone The UC browser, which is owned by the Alibaba group, is one of the most popular online browsers, particularly for the Android platform. UC browser quickly gained popularity following its release, and it quickly became a must-have web browser app for your smartphones. It is … Read more

Top 3 new iPhone apps that makes multitasking/operation much easier

Before we take a look at the three new iPhone apps, let us quickly list out the usage scenarios that make them attractive. If you have these applications, your multitasking ability will significantly improve. Users can chat on social media while reading novels. This is possible via a floating window You can quickly call major … Read more