Meta Oculus Quest 2 price just dropped by $149. Wait…what?

[ad_1] What’s happening? Exactly how long was I out in the sun today? Because it looks like the Oculus Quest 2 price is suddenly $149 cheaper on Amazon right now. That’s right folks, we’re looking at our first decent-sized discount for the recently-renamed Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset. That’s a sweet brace of deals … Read more

The Last Clockwinder review: A Quest puzzler that’ll challenge your mind and body

[ad_1] Puzzle games often revolve around moving small pieces into the right places to accomplish something larger. It’s an age-old practice that both stills the mind and keeps it stimulated. It’s the sort of paradox that fits nicely into the world of The Last Clockwinder, where you have to unravel a mystery of what happened … Read more

Avalanche leak suggests cloud gaming could come to Oculus Quest

[ad_1] What you need to know A Redditor leaked to XR hardware analyst Brad Lynch that they had tested an official cloud gaming tool on the Oculus Quest 2. Called Avalanche and currently in alpha testing, it would let you play PC VR games without your own PC. Meta currently does not allow cloud gaming … Read more