TECNO Phantom 6 unboxing and first impression


TECNO Phantom 6 unboxing and first impression

Few days ago, the internet and YouTube went crazy with news of TECNO’s latest flagship device which was launched in Dubai over the weekend.

As soon as we got wind of the TECNO Phantom 6, we were wowed by its amazingly classic package.

The offer on the box for every Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 plus

Inside the big box are these additional boxes

These are the accessories Inside the boxes

First impression of the Tecno Phantom 6

The metallic nature of the Phantom 6 makes it ergonomically friendly and complements the design rather well. The improved in-hand experience is definitely welcomed as the Phantom 6 combines both the awesomeness of the Phantom 5 and the Camon C9 into a smartphone that is the perfect size. Despite its 5.5 inch screen, the Phantom 6 is still ultra thin and extremely comfortable to hold in one hand.

The resolution hasn’t changed from the usual FHD panel being used, but everything still looks super sharp and crisp, especially because of the presence of the Amoled screen. Everything from web browsing, videos, music and games have looked absolutely fantastic, and the display in general has been a total pleasure to use.

The Phantom 6 shows that TECNO has been able to refine the experience of last year’s flagships by listening to customers feedback and bringing back some features that were missing from last years flagships. One of these is the presence of the USB Type C, the USB Type C adapter, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM which makes the phone just the perfect one.

Tecno Phantom 6

 My first impression

By far, the most important introduction is the USB Type C charger being present on the phone. The Phantom 6 has come with a 2700 Milli Ampere non-removable battery which is relatively small. The presence of th HiOS and the USB Type C has made the small battery nothing to worry about. Though the battery is small, in one day, we were able to achieve at least 5 hours screen on time, which is nothing short of incredible.

On paper, the Phantom 6 has come with a dual camera; 13MP up and 5MP down which equals 18, and an 8MP front camera with dual flash, but in actual usage, the sensor and the image algorithms work like a professional camera.

TECNO has taken inspiration from Nexus 6P and included fewer megapixels, but with larger pixels, which improves low light photos. Coupled with the f/2.0 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization and extremely fast autofocus, there is no denying that the Phantom 6 has a great camera for any lighting condition.

The performance of the Phantom 6 so far is about what you could expect from a Snapdragon powered smartphone which, coupled with 3GB RAM, provides a fast and snappy experience.

On the software side, TECNO has certainly made a lot of improvements. It comes with an Octa-core processor, an Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the HiOS which makes the device power-packed.

Phantom 6 is an insightful addition to the world of smartphones. I have been blown away by the device in 24 hours. The only flip side is the battery which definitely has been corrected by the USB Type C, the HiOS and the Amoled screen. I cannot wait to deep my feet into what the Phantom 6 has to offer. The full review will be rendered in a short while.


TECNO Phantom 6 unboxing and first impression
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