The‌ ‌Road‌ ‌to‌ ‌Recovery‌ ‌from‌ ‌Alcoholism‌ ‌is‌ ‌Through‌ ‌AA‌ ‌Meetings‌ ‌in‌ ‌ Florida‌

Most of us have heard the term Alcoholics Anonymous today. This society is famed all over the world for helping addicts to recover from their addiction and rebuild their lives. Millions of people attend AA meetings in Florida, or any other US state, which are usually held once a week for about an hour.

How AA came about

Alcoholics Anonymous has an interesting history of origin. Two hopeless addicts, Bill Wilson (a New York stockbroker) and Dr. Bob (a surgeon) met in 1935. They had both been struggling with their addiction, which was harming their careers. While Bill has already gained sobriety, he was struggling with temptation. When he met Dr. Bob, the effect on the surgeon was emphatic and immediate as he had finally met someone who had successfully fought addiction and won. 

The spark behind AA was lit and they started working with other alcoholics, and helping them to gain sobriety.

Steps and Traditions

Any organisation that is as large as AA would need a structure in place to operate successfully. AA is governed by the 12 Traditions of AA, which provide it with spiritual and practical guidance. 

These are necessary for the survival of AA as a group as they guide it towards better ways of working. Unless these are followed, the group won’t be able to operate optimally which is imperative to ensure the achievement of its primary goal – that of helping the individual gain sobriety. As the co-founder, Bill Wilson, said, “The group must survive or the individual will not.”

For individual recovery, there are 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous. These helped the founders of AA meeting to battle and win over their own addictions, and now provide each member with the spiritual guidance to aid their own recovery.

How AA works

AA offers an addiction recovery program to people and provides them with a safe place to meet other recovering addicts so that they can benefit from supportive talks and encouragement.

AA meetings, whether in Florida, or elsewhere, are free to attend. These are held in almost all cities in the country. All you need to do to find one is by using a locator or directory which will guide you towards the one nearest to you.

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