The best Google Chrome tricks you should know

Do you use Google Chrome on your Android device? It is one of the best browsers for most of the users and the most widely used worldwide. Google Chrome has hundreds of cool notifications that most people don’t use that can enhance the experience. Today we tell you some of the best Google Chrome tricks that you can configure in your Android. They are simple and allow you to get much more out of the browser. Some of these tricks will improve the security of your device and also prevent certain pages from displaying abusive ads.

Activate these 4 Chrome tricks for Android and improve the browser

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These 4 tricks are slightly hidden in the google chrome settings and they can go unnoticed by most users. You may be experiencing some things in the browser that are not to your liking and that can be easily changed thanks to these settings. If you have Google Chrome We recommend that you implement these 4 tricks that we are going to tell you about.

Block abusive or full-screen ads

The Internet ads they are necessary so that the pages you visit for free continue to exist. This does not mean that all ads are fine, as there are pages that offer an abusive catalog of ads every few seconds. The first trick will allow you to automatically block them.

You just have to enter Google Chrome, click on the three points in the upper area and then go to ‘Settings’. Scroll down to the ‘Website Settings’ section and go to the ‘Ads’ section. Enter and activate the only option that is available. This will block full-screen ads and all those that Chrome considers abusive.

Block automatic downloads from Google Chrome

Google Chrome you may have a disabled setting that is very important to check on all devices. It is an option that allows you to block automatic downloads from the web pages you visit. If you don’t have this option active, any web page will be able to download content to your device without notifying you. This is a very dangerous thing and you should be aware of it.

To block automatic downloads you must click on the three points, go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Website settings’. In this section you must click on ‘Automatic Downloads‘and activate the option. This option will make the browser always ask before downloading any files.

Basic mode to save battery, data and improve performance

The Google Chrome Basic Mode it is one of the best settings you can activate. It is especially interesting if you have little mobile data or a device with modest performance. The Basic mode allows the browser to reduce data consumption and make the web pages load much faster. Of course, making these pages much simpler.

The images will be loaded in a lower resolution and anything that is not necessary to load will be left aside. This will allow you to visit pages with more ease and much faster. In addition, you will be saving data and battery by having a lower consumption. The Basic mode It can be activated from the three points in the upper area, by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then entering ‘Basic Mode’.

Configure where Google Chrome files are downloaded

Do you download many google chrome files? Is it hard for you to find them? The browser has an option that allows you to configure where the Chrome downloads. It is a trick that very few people know and that helps a lot when you download many files or images from the browser.

To configure it, you must enter, again, in the three points, in configuration and go down to the section called ‘Downloads’. Here you will find several very interesting options about Google Chrome downloads on your mobile. You can configure the folder where the files are saved and also have the browser ask you for each download. This last option is the most interesting, as it will allow you to choose where to save each file you download.

These are the 4 tricks of Google Chrome that you should configure at this time to be able to enjoy a more complete and optimized browser. Chrome is a great browser configured by default, but there are a lot of cool things in its configuration.

What do you think of these Google Chrome tricks? Are you going to implement them?

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