The best tricks about WiFi networks for your Android mobile

The WiFi networks they can be key to having a good experience on an Android mobile. Knowing them and knowing how they work will save you time and not get frustrated when something happens. In this article we are going to tell you some of the best tricks about WiFi networks for your Android mobile. With them you can improve speed, know more about your networks and have a better experience. But not only the tricks will allow you to have a good experience, that’s why we also leave you with one of the best fiber and mobile offers in the entire market.

4 tricks to improve your Android’s WiFi connection

Thanks to these tricks you can have a better experience when connecting to the internet from home. You will be able to know your networks better, save time when connecting and improve the speed of the WiFi connection.

Have a good WiFi connection it is vital to play or stream content fluently. The connection cuts or very slow speeds could be fixed if you put all these tricks into practice.

Find out who is connected to your WiFi with this app

The Fing app is free and available on Google Play for all Android phones. If you download it, you will be able to know which devices are connected to your network and look for intruders. It is the best way to know if someone is connected to your network without permission.

You just have to open it and scan your WiFi network. When you do, you will be able to know which devices are connected to the WiFi and their data. If you suspect that someone may be connected without your permission, this application will allow you to confirm or deny it.

Use Smart Lock to unlock your terminal when you are at home

This trick is not directly related to the WiFi, but it will allow you to have a better experience when you are at home. Smart Lock It has been on Android for many years and allows your device to remain unlocked when in certain locations.

If you configure it on your device you can make your terminal be always unlocked when you are at home. When you leave home the lock will return to normal so that no one can access your device. It is a very interesting trick that you probably did not know until now.

How to know where in the house you have the best connection

WiFi AR is an incredible application to know where in your house you have the best WiFi connection. Depending on the router you have and the walls of your house, there will be areas where WiFi reaches better than others. Now you can do tests and know in which areas it is worst.

You just have to instalar WiFi AR, connect to your WiFi network and use its scanner. The camera will open and you will see several points in which it is indicated what connection you have and its quality. You can go through the different rooms of your house to know in which you have the best connection. It is a very useful application to know in where should you place the router to have the best connection in all parts of the house.

Don’t stay with the first company you see

It is useless to implement all the above tricks if the company you have hired does not offer you a good connection. It is very common to have a number of MB contracted and then these are not reflected in the speed tests. For this you must trust a quality company with really interesting rates.

One of the best options on the current market is Adamo, as it has one of the best Internet offers at home that you can find. It’s a company specialized in rural areas with speeds no other company offers. This is what Adamo has for users:

  • SuperFast: 1,000 Mbps downstream and 1,000 Mbps upstream
  • Fibra Fast: 1,000 Mbps downstream and 600 Mbps upstream
  • Essential Fiber: 100 Mbps downstream and 100 Mbps upstream

The prices offered by Adamo And the conditions are the best you can have at the moment, especially if you live in a residential or rural area, as they are specialized in providing the best connection.

Having a good WiFi connection is essential for the rest of tricks about WiFi networks are interesting and you can get all the juice out of your Android mobile. It is useless to know in which area of ​​your house you have the best connection if you only get 10% of what you have contracted near the router.

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