The Evolution Of Mobile Phones From 1985- 2020

The Evolution Of Mobile Phones From 1985- 2020

For the past 35 years ago, There has been so many mobile phones that has evolved to the new phones that you are seeing in the markets today.

As time goes on, Technology keeps modifying the various mobile phones we use and they also keeps upgrading it to a new and better version of it.

These are the list of phones that has evolved from 1985 to 2020.

1. Siemens C1 suite case. In 1985.

2. Radio shack 17-1050. In 1986.

3. Philips PRC 30E. 1987.

4. Motorola Micro TAC 9800x. 1989.

5. AEG Teleport. 1990.

6. Siemens S1. 1991.

7. Ericsson GH 198.

8. Nokia 1011. In 1992.

Nokia 1011 was the first mass produced GSM(2G) phone. It is also the first phone that was used to send SMS. And the first SMS that was sent was”Merry Christmas by Neil Papworth. A developer through Vodafone to Richard Jarvis, a director of the company at an office Christmas party.

9. IBM Simon. In the year 1994.

This phone was considered the first ever smart phone, that arrived with a touch screen and is the first phone to feature apps.

10. Motorola microTAC 8700. In 1994.

11.AEG D1-957. In 1995.

12. Nokia 1610. In 1995.

13. Nokia 2110. In 1995.

14. Nokia 8110. In 1996.

This phone was considered to be the original slider phone.

15. Motorola StarTAC. In 1996.

This was the first flop phone and the first phone to introduce the Vibrate mode.

16. Nokia 6110. In 1996. known as Vodafone prepaid.

17. The Hagenuk global Handy. In 1997. This phone was the first phone with no visible External antenna.

18. Nokia 5110. In 1997. This phone was the first phone where snake game was launched.

19. Siemens S10. In 1998. This is said to be the first phone with a coloured screen.

20. Siemens S10 Active. This is the first phone with 3G network and the first downloadable contents for mobile phones is released ringtones. Launched by Finland’s Radiolinja.

21. Nokia 8210. In the year 1999.

22. Motorola Time port. In 1999.

23. Nokia 7110. In 1999. This was the first phone with a wap browser that allows you to browse the internet.

24. Samsung SPH- M100 Uproar. In 1999.

This is the first phone with both phone and MP3 player combined.

25. Nokia 5210. In 1999. This phone is the first phone with a splash proof case.

26. Nokia 3210. In 1999. The phone comes predictive (T9) Text messaging.

27. Benefon ESC. In 1999. The first phone with GPS.

28. Ericsson R380. In 2000.

29. Nokia 3310…2000

30. Nokia 9210. In 2000. This phone was the first phone that came with 8mp storage, web browser and email support.

31. Siemens m35 i. In 2000.

32. Sharp J-SH04. This was the first phone that came with camera.

33. Kyocera vp-210 visual phone. In 2000.

34. Samsung SCH- V200. Yr 2000.

35 Siemens S45. Year 2001. This was the first phone to have their internal memory 360kb.

36. Nokia 8310. In 2001. The first phone containing infrared features of Calendar And FM raidio.

37. Ericsson T39. Yr 2001. This was the first Bluetooth cell phone in the year 2001.

38. Nokia 5510. Yr 2001.

39. Nokia 6100. In 2002.

40. Nokia 7650. In 2020. This was the first mobile phone with in built camera.

41. Sanyo SCP- 5300. In 2002. This was the first phone that allows photos to be viewed on screen rather than plugging into a computer.

42. Nokia 1100. 2003. This was the worlds beat selling phone, handset with 250 million sold, targeted by developing countries.

43. Black berry Quark 6210. In 2003.

This was the first black berry to combine web- browsing, email and their branded messenger while staying functional.

44. Nokia 6010. Yr 2004.

45. Motorola Razor V3. 2004.

46. Nokia 2600. Yr 2004

47. Nokia 7610. Yr 2004. This was the first smart phone with a 1 mega pixel camera from Nokia.

48. Nokia 7280. Yr 2004.

49. Motorola C 139. 2005.

50. Casio Gz one . 2005. This was the first water proof phone.

51. IPhone 11 promax . 2019.


Iphone 12 promax.

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