The first details of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6: its 3 key improvements

It is not yet a year since the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 became official and we already have news of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Xiaomi has brought forward the presentation of its Xiaomi Mi 11 a few months and the same could happen with the most popular bracelet in its catalog. The leaks are already coming and they talk about 3 very interesting improvements for the próxima Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Everything indicates that it will continue with the same design and price strategy as in other years, but with slight improvements that make it increasingly interesting for users.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: its 3 improvements compared to the Mi Band 5

The leaks suggest that Xiaomi will improve some key points of its bracelet to make it more interesting and try to get users to renew it. It is a common practice in products so economic, because they do not need great news to consider the renewal.

The key to the improvements is to improve the viewing experience and include more sensors to make the bracelet more intelligent and independent. These are the 3 keys that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 could have:

A larger AMOLED screen with more pixels

It is expected that the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 grow 0.1 inches compared to that of the Mi Band 5. Not only would we be facing a larger screen, it would also become AMOLED with a higher resolution. Your pixel density per inch could be 200, which would be a very important improvement.

The increase in size is not too significant, but it could translate into better-used bezels and an equally large body. The arrival of AMOLED technology would leave us with more vivid and saturated colors, which together with the increase in resolution it would greatly improve the user experience.

The Mi Band 6 would include GPS to be independent

One of the criticisms of the Mi Band 5 and the rest of the bracelets of previous generations has to do with the GPS. The current Mi Band 5 depends on the smartphone at all times to use location-based applications. This means that you must carry your mobile to register a bike session in the field or a race.

The new one Mi Band 6 would include a GPS internal to independently record the location. This would allow users to have a bracelet much more Independent when it comes to doing sports.

It would also include an altimeter to improve sports tracking

So far, Xiaomi bracelets do not include an altimeter to know in real time the variations in height of the user. This is something that we find in other watches of the company and in more advanced devices. Now Xiaomi intends to include this sensor in the most basic bracelet in its catalog.

This would allow the bracelet to improve the tracking of certain sports by understanding that it is going up or down: running uphill is not the same as running downhill. It also means that the user could consult at any time how high above sea level it is, all without the need for a smartphone.

These are the main novelties that could reach the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 in the near future. At the moment there is no news about its launch, but everything indicates that this would be ahead of last year.

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