The Most Common Phone Charging or Battery Myths

common phone charging/battery myths

With the ultimate dependency on smartphones, it is not hard to believe that people believe in myths. There have been various myths circulating around about the batteries, smartphones and charging issues. Batteries are not fire prone although they are made of lithium but they are not responsible for burning a hole in your pocket. Know that we have this sorted let’s get to the common myths people believe about smartphones batteries:

Myth 1: Charging your phone overnight is bad

The smartphones that are manufactured these days are awfully smart. This means that unlike some previous phones the phone knows when the battery is fully charged. When the smartphone reaches that point it stops charging. Isn’t it amazing? this feature of the new smartphones thankfully prevents overcharging or any damage that can happen to your smartphone. So, you can feel free to leave your digital companion plugged in at night.

Myth 2: Charge your battery all the way up and allow it to drain all the way down

This is the second myth that people believe. The lithium-ion batteries that are in your smartphones are not like old batteries. There is no need to fully charge them on 1st use and then drain it all the way down. smartphones these days are different, and they are nothing as compared to the previously manufactured smartphones with outdated features. You can feel free to charge your battery whenever you want.

Myth 3: Don’t use your phone while it is charging

This is the greatest myth that people still believe. You can use your smartphone while it is plugged in and be carefree as long as you do not have wet hands. All other stories that you come across are fake and should not be believed when it comes to using your smartphone being plugged in. If you are facing issues regarding your phone’s battery, take it over to any cell phone repair shop to get it fixed.

Myth 4: All chargers are created equal

There is a lot of variation in Chargers if you think that they only bring electricity to your phone. Smartphone chargers are manufactured differently by keeping in view the requirement of the smartphone they are for full slow you should only use a name brand charger directly from a manufacturer’s website and it is considered good to use the one that comes with your smartphone box. All other charges are not good for your smartphone’s battery life.

Myth 5: Leaving your phone on 24/7 is no big deal

Your smartphone needs to be repeatedly rebooted every now and then. Although you depend on your smartphone completely Ann you need it every day, it is suggested that you turn your phone off every night for a minute or two. If this seems difficult then you should at least do it once a week. This can also help with increasing your device’s performance.

Myth 6: Location services are killing your battery

Location data some people say is a battery drainer, but it isn’t. These services do drain your battery but not in the way people assume they do. It is however important to use your location services now and then so you should not leave them turned on completely. you can turn location services off and turn them on every time you need.

Myth 7: Your battery can burst

This is also a common myth that people believe. Your battery is made of electrodes and it is very much possible that if you keep it in an overly heated place then it will bloat. However there is no such thing as bursting. The manufacturers of the smartphones have kept all of the previous incidents and accidents in mind and latest smart phones are designed in such a way that they cannot harm you in any way keeping in view how consistently people use them.


smartphones being the greatest necessity of these days, demand trust in the manufacturer. You should not just believe everything people say and do your own research. You can ask a manufacturer of your smartphone when you buy one or go to Google and search what are the common myths. Happy Smartphoning!

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