The new Android feature that you should know and that you will love

Every so often Google surprises us with what’s new in Android that are not tied to the official release date. Today is one of those times when we can thank Google for a very interesting new function that is already being seen by the different Android devices of all the world. Is a function simple, fast and that will improve the day-to-day experience in Android. It is a detail that no one had asked for but now that it is available you will be willing to try. The function is related to the unit converter de Google.

Now it will be much easier to convert units with this trick

Google just added a new feature to its text selector on Android. This selector has been changing over time and has left us with great advances. Yes, we are talking about the small window that appears when you select any text from a website or an application. This window shows the actions of copy, paste, share and even smart options like search or call.

Now a new one is added that is very interesting: convert. When you select any text that is interpreted as a unit the selector will give you the opportunity to convert it. If you click on this option, a Google tab will open with the unit converter, which will it will indicate the most frequent conversion to that unit.

If you select Mexican pesos, it is most likely that you will convert that unit to dollars. The grace of the function is that it not only works with coins, you can also use distance or mass measurements. For example, in a recipe you can select the text ‘4 tablespoons’ to convert it to milliliters.

You can also select the text ‘4 miles’ to change it to kilometers, for example. It is a very easy to convert values that you do not know quickly and easily. Until now you had to open another tab, search google converter and copy and paste the values, now everything is simplified.

The feature is already running on some devices and will be extended shortly. There are no exact dates or countries confirmed, but you will most likely receive it sooner rather than later. Of course, remember that it is artificial intelligence and that it will not always work correctly and exactly.

What do you think of this android function? Are you going to use it on your device?


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