The Samsung Galaxy S21 can be seen in real images, the best high-end design?

He design of the Samsung Galaxy S21 It is no mystery to any technology reader. These devices will arrive with one of the best designs of the entire high-end range and with important changes compared to the Galaxy S20. Today we can take a look at some real images of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, a device with an incredible appearance and that reveals other high-end terminals with reduced bezels. In addition, the leak confirms an open secret: the Plus model will also arrive with flat screen and 3 cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus will have a flat screen with tiny bezels

The filtered image on the front of the device is extremely interesting for lovers of well-used mobile phones. This lead leaves in evidencia a Apple with the reduction of bezels, since they are incredibly thin. The front of the terminal is very well used and is one of the highlights of its design.

Apple has done a great job reducing the bezels of the iPhone 12, but it comes to nothing when you take a look at this Samsung terminal. The company has managed to make a device extremely simple and spectacular at the same time.

Using the flat screen This is great news, as this will lower the production cost of the device and leave us with a 100% usable panel. The curves on the screens are used as a purely aesthetic solution, something that users have not defended in recent years.

Three rear cameras for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus

The image also reveals the well-known design of the rear. The Galaxy S21 Plus will also have 3 photographic sensors just like the Galaxy S21. This leaves us to think that Samsung could include two very similar or even identical camera setups.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra would be the one in charge of making the leap towards a higher quality camera and more photographic sensors. At the moment it is not entirely clear and we will have to wait for the presentation to confirm if the differences between the Galaxy S21 y Galaxy S21 Plus they are only in size.


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