THE STORY – Adole Stitches Part one…

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Part one…

I remember when it all started like a joke, we were born in the streets, grew up in the streets, schooled in street also, life was not fair, so we decided to bleach ours, we were not born with a silver spoon, but we got find our way to the top, cuz failure is not an option.

We decided to make ourselves useful to the society by acquiring skills, we remember them telling us,we were good for nothing, we will learn nothing, because we were born to be street’s Thugs…

But all that didn’t discourage us, we kept hope alive n kept praying to God, cuz even the streets prays also, Time flys, we designed a logo, we started dreaming, our view changed, we started leaving the street,we chase Dreams,We came up with the name of the brand…

ADOLE STITCHES, We started making waves, We later discovered its was God calling us to touch Humanity through FASHION,.. To be continued..

Write up by… Face Of Adole stitches BSU(Ochefu Ojumeyi)..
Edited by….. Blessing Adole
Concept by… Capsule/Sammy lyris
Directed by…. Suur Joy
Model………….Adole Elijah
PC…………… Raykolorz
Location…… Somewhere in the Ghetto.
Chief director… Mr Benue..



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