The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 gets very hot: this is what you can do

All the mobile Most manufacturers have a major or minor problem that becomes popular with the passage of time. Today we will talk about a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 problem, one of the most popular Xiaomi phones of all 2020. This mobile has thousands of sales in Spain and millions around the world, as its quality / price ratio is quite interesting. Of course, there is something that almost all users who have it complain about: the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 gets very hot. It is one of the most well founded criticisms of this mobile and also one of the main topics in all forums.

The heating problem with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10

It’s easy to find different threads on Xiaomi forums, on HTCMania, or on XDA talking about the overheating of Xiaomi Mi Note 10. There is nothing official, but it seems that Xiaomi did a very improvable job with the heat dissipation of this terminal.

The problem not only extends to charging, but also to the widespread use of the terminal. Many users complain that the device gets too hot when playing games or even taking photos in some settings. The problem is such that on some occasions the device prevents taking pictures due to overheating.

It’s completely normal for a device to get hot when you’re using fast charging or playing games with a lot of graphics power. The problem is that this My Note 10 heats up In almost all situations and not a little, the terminal reaches quite drastic temperatures.

The heating of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is not normal

Many forum users argue that this behavior of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 It is normal. The reality is that it is not. The device has a fast charge of 30W, which although it is fast, is not crazy. Other devices with this charge suffer only a little extra heating when they are charging.

In the case of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 we can see that some users report temperatures above 45 degrees. This is outrageous and is not at all normal for an electronic device. It’s more, it can even be dangerous.

But as we say, this heating is not only derived from the load of the device, it also appears when the user demands a little more than the basics. Playing games or taking photos should not be a reason for such excessive heating in the terminal.

The reports of all these users let us see that, indeed, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 it gets very hot and has a problem dissipating the heat generated by its internal components. That a mobile heats up slightly is normal, but not in the way – and the situations – in which the Mi Note 10.

What you can do to prevent the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 from getting hot

There are several tips or tricks to prevent any Android terminal from overheating. Some may be obvious and others you may have overlooked. We leave you with some tips to use the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and that it does not get too hot.

  1. Avoid using it when it is charging
  2. Take off the cover when you shit, play games or take pictures
  3. Try using a slow charger (5 / 10W) ​​for overnight charging
  4. Do not use the device in direct sunlight or very high temperatures

Of course, we know that removing the case when playing games or taking photos is not something you always want to do, but it will help the device dissipate internal heat better. This will not fix the heating problems, but it will help slightly.

Using a charger other than the original 30W will also greatly help the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 don’t get hot when you charge it. You will not be able to take advantage of the fast charging of the terminal, but it may not matter if you charge it when you go to sleep and disconnect it in the morning.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 It was released several months ago, so the company does not seem to be very much in the work of releasing updates or fixing the problem (if possible) with a patch. This leaves users in a tricky situation where they can only try certain tasks with more caution.

What do you think of this problem with Xiaomi Mi Note 10? Does yours get very hot?

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