THE YOUNG ARE USED LESS – Paul Ojocheyi Sunday

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Ever since I was birthed ,the society always tell me that I am the leader of tomorrow.
They must have probably looked at my innocent immature skin and concluded that I am too young to make an impact in the present world.

So with this ideology cemented concretely into their grey matter coated brain, they politely inform me to go sit down and wait for my time.

They lack the guts to be direct to me with their thoughts, so they encode their conceded thoughts in the adage “You(The youths) is(are) the leader(s) of tomorrow”.
How can I be a leader of tomorrow if I do not train today?
If you keep granting me a tip of the iceberg of what you expect me to become as a leader tomorrow, then with time I will become so skilled that I can sail my ship through the deep stormy ocean avoiding the iceberg and not sink down the depth.

The supposedly elderly ones should have no courage to say the youths are still useless in the affairs of the aged and the world when in the real sense We appear useless because we are used less.

Words of Paul Ojocheyi Sunday.



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