These news will reach your Samsung mobile with Android 11 and One UI 3.0: interface, notifications, functions …

You are waiting Android 11 on your Samsung mobile? We have already told you which phones will be updated and when they will. Today we talk about the news that the lucky users who update their Samsung mobile to Android 11 and One UI 3.0. The update is already being rolled out and will gradually reach the different terminals of the company. Samsung has not caught all the news that Google presented in Android 11, so it is important that you know which of the most important ones will reach your mobile.

The 5 main novelties of Android 11 in Samsung mobiles

The update has only made its first deployment in high-end terminals presented in 2020. It is a matter of time before it reaches the rest of the terminals chosen by Samsung throughout 2021. Thanks to Android Central we can tell you what the main news are you will receive in your mobile with Android 11 and One UI 3.0.

Improvements and aesthetic changes in the interface of your Samsung

Yes, the first thing you will notice when you update are the aesthetic interface changes. You will not have a completely different software, but you will realize that most sections, menus and forms have changed. Samsung’s general line has been simplify the interface everything possible, something that many users have been asking for for the past few years.

Now you will have simpler shapes, simpler icons, and easier-to-manage settings. If the aesthetic change has gone for the better it is a matter of your taste, but simplifying the interface is always a positive thing in a layer like One UI.

Group notifications with various improvements

Smart notifications from Android 11 have reached One UI 3.0. Now the notifications you receive will be grouped by messaging notifications, alert notifications or silent notifications. This way it will be easier to see the different type of notifications that you have pending from the status bar.

This means that emails will not mix with WhatsApp notifications. The idea of ​​these notifications is to separate the conversation notifications from the rest of Android notifications. It may take some getting used to, but you will appreciate this change in the long run.

Bubble notifications for some apps

Samsung has also borrowed the Android 11 bubble notifications. Now you can configure that some messaging apps they notify you with a bubble in the purest style Facebook Messenger.

Don’t worry, you can disable them if you don’t like these kinds of notifications. It’s a novelty that some will love and some will hate, but it doesn’t negatively affect either side.

Fixed media widget, but half

One of the novelties of Android 11 is the fixed multimedia widget in the notification bar. Samsung has embraced this novelty in its customization layer, but not 100%. This widget appears in the Samsung terminals with One UI 3.0 when the multimedia management has more than one open channel.

If you only have one multimedia channel open you will see the classic notification with the playback controls. That is, you have to have two applications with multimedia content management to be able to see this fixed widget. Samsung may change this situation to be able to see the fixed widget with a single active application.

High-end camera improvements

One UI 3.0 It not only improves the interface and adds functions, it also brings improvements to the camera section. The interface of this application has not changed at all, but Samsung ensures that it has done so internally. According to the company, the high-end may benefit from a improves stabilization when zooming.

This affects terminals such as Samsung Galaxy Note 20 o los Galaxy S20. For the rest of the high-end and mid-range devices, it is not clear if there will be general improvements in image processing.

These are the main novelties that the company will implement in Samsung phones with Android 11 and One UI 3.0. It is possible that some of these novelties do not reach the low-end or mid-range devices, so we recommend not to get your hopes up.


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