Things that are slowing down your phone and how to make it run faster

Things that are slowing down your phone and how to make it run faster

Phones have become a crucial part of our daily lives whether for business related activities or for entertainment.

But whatever you do with your phone, there is nothing worst than a phone that lags as it can cost you minutes of your precious time when you’re waiting for it to load.

There are several things that can slow your phone down and make it to lag so I’m going to enumerate them then tell you things you can do to make your phone faster.

Things that slow your phone down

1) Too many apps:

One of the main things that can make a phone to lag is when a lot of apps are installed on it. These can be apps that the phone owner installed on his phone but isn’t really using or they might bloatware(apps that come installed with your phone but you don’t make use of) but either way, they usually run in the background using the RAM of the phone and slowing down the apps you regularly use.

2) Lack of storage space:

This can be another factor when it comes to phone speed. Some phones require a specific amount of space in order to run smoothly. If the required space is not available, some apps become slow and start hooking during usage and some may even refuse to open.

3) live wallpapers:

Live wallpapers are those animated wallpapers that usually come with phones. These animated wallpapers require RAM to run and when they are set, simple things like going to homepage or loading your menu may become difficult due to how demanding these wallpapers are.

4) mobile data:

When your mobile data is on, it usually activates background processes for some apps which require mobile data to operate.

The apps simultaneously retrieve data from their servers in order to

Display notifications and this consumes the RAM memory slowing down the phone.

5) Large apps:

These are apps that consume storage space clogging up the phone with their data and making the phone slower to run. These apps might take 15mb when their installed but over time as they accumulate data, they can expand up to 200mb taking space and slowing down the phone.

6) heavy launchers:

Launchers are apps that modify the look and functionality of your app drawer and homepage. Some of these apps can optimize your homescreen and appdrawer making it faster but some of them slow down your phone due to their more graphical interface and can only work properly on high end phones.

How to make your phone run faster

1) Restart:

Sometimes when your phone slows down due to running a lot of background processes, restarting it can clear up the unnecessary processes and give it the much required boost.

2) clear unnecessary apps and data:

Another way to speed up your phone is by clearing the bloatware and system apps that you don’t make use of giving your phone free space to run other apps.

3) update phone:

Updates usually optimize the performance of any phone and allow it to run more apps smoothly. An update can fix a bug or glitch that has been slowing down your phone.

4) install lite apps:

There are a lot of space consuming apps like Facebook, twitter or Whatsapp that have the lite versions which require less memory to run and consumes less space.

5) keep home page simple:

It is usually more efficient to use the default launcher and wallpapers that come with your phone. Installing a new launcher may improve the interface of your phone but will ultimately slow down your phone because some of these launchers usually have adverts that display whenever you leave your mobile data on and slows down the operation of your phone.

6) developer options:

In order to apply these settings on your phone, you’ll need to gain developer privilege by going to settings>about phone>then tap build number 7 times. Once you’ve done this, you can now access developer options in settings. Go to developer options and turn off windows animation scale, animation duration scale and transition animation scale. This removes any form of animation when opening or switching your app drawer and makes your phone more responsive.

7) root – overclock device:

Overclocking  your phone means speeding up your phone by forcing the processor to run at a faster rate than it usually does. Overclocking can only work if your phone is rooted. You can root your phone by installing an app called kingroot and clicking on root. After your phone is rooted, use setcpu app to overclock your phone in order to get the best performance from your phone.

8) root – increase your ram:


If your phone is rooted, you can also increase your ram by downloading an app called rheosoft RAM expander. This process doesn’t work on all phones but it can be done on most phones.

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