Things you never know you can do with your phone

Things you never know you can do with your phone

We are using our smart phone every time of our lives and day. But still don’t know that we can do and make something good out of our phones.

These are some things we can do with our phones:

1. locked your car key in the car :

If you locked your romote keyless car key in your car and you have a spare in the house then there I no need to worry.

All you need to do is call someone at home and ask them to press the unlock botton on the spare at home. Make sure your phone is about a foot away from the car while that is being done.

Distance is no object in this case

2.Monitor your heart rate:

You don’t need to invest in a Jawbone or a Fitbit to monitor your heart rate. All you have to do is download and fire up the instant Heart Rate app, place your fingertip over your phone’s camera lens for 10 seconds and voila… You’ll get a detailed report right on your screen!

3. All hand phone have hidden battery power:

To activate you will have to press the keys *3370#. Only do this when the phone is almost dead and watch your phone reboot with a 50% increase in power. This reserve will recharge when next you charge your phone.

This secret is in the fine print of most phone manuals which we skip without realizing.

Using smart phone doesn’t make you wise but allow to be exposed to the modern world.

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