This Is How Android Phones Are Manufactured Right From The Scratch

Smartphones are great products to keep one off boredom. Most importantly, smart phones serves not only as a means of communication but also educating as well as entertaining us. It is obvious that we’ve been using smartphones for quite a while but we’ve never thought how these phones are being manufactured. Well, you are lucky because that’s what I’ll be sharing with you today. So keep on Reading to the end in order to understand the entire process.

Just like the name smartphone, smartphone companies are very smart because when they want to manufacture a new product, they don’t start a completely new design rather, they pick a previous model and add new features to it,l based on the feedback of the users or experts in the field.

The following steps are involved in the making of a smartphone.

1. Making of prototype

After an idea has been conceived and agreed upon in the board room, it will be passed to the research and development lab where are the research team commences further research on the prototype which is usually a non-working one. The prototype is then forwarded to the relevant bodies for further clarifications or verification in case of any changes.

After the looks of the model are zeroed on, the inside working kit of the handset is worked upon.

This will be forwarded to the Engineering and electronic team where the real development will commenced. The brain of the phone which is the printed circuit board is created by an automated 3D printer that is designed for such purpose.

Automated robotic arms do most of the work here. It’s all very efficient and the whole PCP part of the production line takes just 20 minutes.

Pretty much every step is followed up by an inspection process which weeds out faulty parts. In the case of oppo smartphones, the motherboard defect rate is less than 0.1%.


Once the brain is finish, it is time to put the body together. The screen, the batteries, the panels and all the different sections of a phone are fixed by Special automated machines.

2. Software Installation

After the device is fully coupled with the approved components, the software team breath life into the device by installing a pre-decided operating software into the device. From here, it will be inspected by various professionals to ensure that the installed operating system is working smoothly on the phone as expected.

3. Testing Phase

Before mass production begins, the completed prototype will be subjected to different kinds of test in other to determine how user-friendly and durable the phone will be when subjected to real use. Some of these tests includes: drop test, bend test, water tests, heat test, camera test, dust-resistant test, etc.

After the prototype is successfully passed all these tests in flying colours it will then be passed on for mass production.

So that’s it guys. Those are the summarized processes involved in making a smartphone from the scratch.

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