This is the best alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S21

It is possible that after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 you have considered buying it. Is it a recommended smartphone? Are there better alternatives? The answer to this last question is yes. The best alternative to Galaxy S21 is within Samsung’s own catalog and is the Galaxy S20. If you take a good look at their lists of characteristics it is easy to understand why we say this. Samsung has renewed the design of the terminal, but its list of features is not as interesting as you may think.

Nice design, but made of plastic

He Galaxy S21 It has a new design that may be more beautiful than the old Galaxy S20, but it is not better. Samsung has made a clear downgrade on the materials: the new terminal is plastic. The Galaxy S20 was launched as a metal and glass device, so the feel in hand will be much more premium with the old device.

You may not care about this, but the reality is different. The quality of the terminal is superior in the old model and if you give importance to this detail you should know that the Galaxy S21 it has a less premium mobile feel in hand than much of the high-end.

A higher quality screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20

It may seem like a joke, but it is not. The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is of better overall quality. Both panels have the same characteristics, according to Samsung, but with a lower resolution. The screen of the Galaxy S21 is FullHD +, while that of the Galaxy S20 is QHD +.

It’s a significant difference and it’s not too well understood why Samsung has lowered the level of its screen. Both panels have similar dimensions and have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The summary is that both panels are almost identical in features and technology, but the old device has a higher resolution. For this reason we say that the Samsung Galaxy S20 it has a better screen and is therefore more recommended.

Do you need the extra performance of the Galaxy S21?

Yes, the performance of the Galaxy S21 is larger than the Galaxy S20. The fault of this better performance is in charge of the processor, which is more advanced. The RAM and storage of both devices is exactly the same. Yes, there is a difference in performance, but you most likely don’t need it.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has about 550,000 points in AnTuTu, while the Galaxy S21 reaches 620,000 points. Yes there is a difference, but the reality is that on a day-to-day basis you can do the same tasks with both devices. You can run the vast majority of games on Google Play and have a good experience.

It is very likely that you do not need the extra performance that you will get with the Galaxy S21. You will not have more storage or more RAM, not even these memories are of higher quality. Our experience tells us that a large part of the market users will be very happy with the performance of the Galaxy S20 and they won’t need the Galaxy S21 extra.

Be careful, the Samsung Galaxy S21 costs 150 euros / dollars more

We have already seen that several of the main sections are superior in the Galaxy S20, but this is not reflected in the price. The new Galaxy S21 costs 849 euros / dollars, while the Galaxy S20 is right now for 700 euros / dollars on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S20 - 4G, 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, 64MP Quad Rear Camera, Cosmic Gray

Samsung Galaxy S20 – 4G, 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, 64MP Quad Rear Camera, Cosmic Gray

    For 700 euros / dollars you will have a better screen, higher quality design, very competent performance and a high-end device that has aged very well. Our recommendation is that if you are thinking of buy the Galaxy S21 Take a good look at the Galaxy S20, as you can most likely save money and have a more balanced device.

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