This would be the spectacular design of the high-end Motorola for 2021: screen with 4 curves

Motorola is working on a high end device by 2021 that could leave users speechless. Today we have more information about this assumption Motorola mobile, specifically its design. The most important asset of the terminal would be in the front part, since it would arrive with a large use of bezels and a screen that we don’t see in any other device on the market. The leaks point to a display with 4 curves: sides, top and bottom.

It was not enough with 2 curves, now it could be 4

The trend of curved screens is slowly disappearing in the high-end Android. Less and less manufacturers are opting for this type of design in their high-end, the best example being the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 +. Motorola in 2021 will continue to bet on these curves and will add two more to the front of its high-end range.

The renders make it clear: the top and bottom of the terminal would also be curved at the front. It is not the first time that we have seen such a device, because over the years prototypes, renders and even real devices have been leaked.

It is difficult to justify the curvature on the sides, so it is even more difficult for us to do it at the top and bottom of the screen. Motorola may have some function up its sleeve, but everything seems to be on the side of design and not so much of the functional.

The front camera would be housed in a small hole in screen focused and little else we can tell you about this supposed device. This design suggests that the device will be the company’s star high-end by 2021, although it has already been leaked that it could arrive with 2020 hardware.

Motorola doesn’t need all this to get off the ground …

The company is at a very difficult point in most markets due to brands such as Xiaomi, realme or OnePlus. Its mid-range is less and less popular and its high-end are hardly sold. Does Motorola need to launch a device with 4 curves to start selling high-end terminals?

We believe the answer is no. Of course, we do not have the correct answer either. As users of the industry we believe that Motorola should focus on value for money of its devices, doing things very similar to its competition, both in feature list and price.

The company needs a strong push in markets like Europe and it is very likely that a high-end with a 4-curve screen will not give it. At the moment we can only wait to know the plans Motorola with its mid-range and high-end in 2021.


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