This Xiaomi charger can recharge your mobile from several meters away

No one expected today Xiaomi announce in China a new charger of this style. The company has just launched a wireless charger that breaks all the rules of the game and leaves us speechless. It’s about a charger that is capable of charging the mobile or any device to several meters away. Yes, you are reading well, several meters away. It is a new technology that the company is developing and that already has a fairly advanced first phase. It is one of the most incredible technologies in recent years.

Wireless charging over the air and throughout a room

There are many interesting things in this charger, but without a doubt the most important thing is that it can recharge multiple devices at once if they are within range. Xiaomi has not indicated what this range is exactly, but it speaks of several meters and rooms. It seems like a practical joke, but it is not.

This charger called Mi Air Charge has a technology that allows charge devices without being in direct contact, no cables anymore several meters away. It achieves all this thanks to a series of antennas and millimeter waves that detect the location of the devices in the room and send the load using this type of wave.

Devices must be equipped with a hardware especial that collects these waves and transforms them into energy to recharge the smartphone battery. But do not think that this technology starts with ridiculous numbers, you can load your smartphone with up to 5W while you move around the room or are several meters away.

Of course, you will have already seen in the photos that the charger is nothing small. It is a fairly large base that you must place in the room for this technology to be effective. In addition, it does not matter if your mobile has Qi charge, the hardware we have talked about is completely different, so each manufacturer must decide to use it or not.

The future of charging goes through this Mi Air Charge

It may sound crazy, but the future of device charging goes through something similar to what you have presented Xiaomi. You have a base of this type in your house and dozens of devices that no longer need to be plugged into anything. Thanks to the hardware of this technology and a battery you can have speakers, lamps and all kinds of wireless technology without worrying about having to recharge it.

It is difficult to imagine this and assume its cost at the moment, but we already know what the technology is like. Probably within a few years it will be standardized and having it in all our electronic devices will be something ‘normal’.

The bad news is that Xiaomi still does not sell this device or technology. He has announced his arrival in the future and without giving specific dates. Nor has he commented prices, but we already anticipate that it will not be cheap to be one of the first people with this type of wireless charger at home.

Also, the principle of technology will be complicated, as you will have to buy compatible devices with this type of load, which could have a price much higher than the rest. East xiaomi charger It leaves us with our mouths open and shows us what the future of home technology could look like.


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