Three Ways Of Tracking Your lost Phones

Three Ways Of Tracking Your lost Phones

1:By Using IMEI Number

Another way of recovering a missing smartphone is through the device’s IMEI number. IMEI is an acronym that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

IMEI is a 15-digit number used for several proposes – one of which is for tracking and recovering stolen smartphones by GSM network providers and authorities to tracking missing and stolen smartphones.

IMEI number of smartphones are usually attached to a new phone box, on the phone (in the battery compartment), and “on the phone” (by dialing *#06#). Make sure you properly note the IMEI number of your phone beforehand or this method will be useless to you.

Each time you use a mobile phone to access a network services like make or receive calls or send SMS, the IMEI number is sent to the network base station by the phone. This is what makes tracking by IMEI possible.


Successfully tracking a device using IMEI number usually involves the use of sophisticated hardware which is mostly used by law enforcement agencies, network providers, or anyone with access to such equipment.

2:Google search

If your device is already linked to your Google account, you can simply type “find my phone” in the Google search bar and select the first search result. Once you are signed into your account, you can locate your device and opt to either make it ring or go ahead and choose the recovery option.

Of course, you will need your device to be signed into your Google account and connected to the internet to do this. However, Google also sends a notification to your phone after your device has been located.

3:Android Lost App.

This app is small, but powerful. With it, you can check on your phone via a website or through a text message. It has the same features as all of the utilities we have talked about before (phone lock, trigger sound/vibration), and also takes pictures. It has a simple minimalist interface and a wide variety of features.

So don’t panic anymore and track your lost phones easily.


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