Tips for an Impressive Family Maternity Shoot

Family Maternity Shoot
Family Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy is a life-changing phase of one’s life. It is filled with anticipation and huge changes. And well, a tiny little human is growing inside you; it ought to be thrilling. During this beautiful phase, the best way to capture it all is a family maternity shoot. You will be able to look back at this time, even after years.

But wait; there is a lot that goes into a maternity shoot. You want to choose the ideal time, to have the best baby bump to show, and also pick the right hour to take advantage of natural lighting. You also want to get done with the Family Maternity Shoot before it gets hard for you to sit or stand for long periods of time.

Thus, there are a handful of considerations to make before you plan a shoot. And we are here to help you in regards to it.

Outdoor Family Maternity Shoot Tips

An outdoor family maternity shoot is certainly a great idea to execute. There are different, fun ways to get it done and make it super memorable too. All you want is for the weather to cooperate with you and the rest is really assured that the photographer will do the magic.

Remember that your partner must always be with you during a maternity shoot. Both of you are entering the world of parenthood. Make it memorable. Secondly, you want to get the timing right for an outdoor shoot. Lighting is the biggest factor that has an impact on the outcome. Golden hour is certainly one of the best times to get the best out of your family maternity shoot.

Choosing the right location is another big element to put together for the puzzle to be complete. A field or a beach would be great. You can also choose other locations that are close to your heart. Also, try contrasting the outfit with your location.

Try adding accessories around too. Floral crowns are a huge YES for women for their family maternity shoot. Many ladies have had these on, while their photoshoots. And they definitely do look attractive. Lastly, get close-ups with your partner. There are amazing poses that can be done, in close-up portraits. Hands in hands, your partner’s hand on your belly, and much more!

Family Maternity Shoot
Family Maternity Shoot

Indoor Family Maternity Shoot

A Lot of people opt for an indoor photoshoot too. There are several pros to it and many women don’t feel comfortable doing a shoot outside either. Whatever the reason might be, indoor shoots can be fun too and the photos can turn out to be visually pleasing.

If you are someone who likes to keep things real, it is best to just snuggle up on a couch with your husband and get a very natural Newborn Photographer done. A casual and cozy setting can really set the mood. You can also use the baby’s nursery if you are prepared by then. It sets up a much-anticipated outlook for the photographs. If you have older kids, add them to this photoshoot as well.

Don’t feel shy to try new poses and experiment a bit. Your home is your safe haven and without any passerby’s staring at you; you might feel much comfortable as well. Just don’t stand in front of the camera and smile. Go lie down on the couch or maybe hug your partner; there is a lot to do. Ask the photographer to help you out and they will come up with incredible poses.


A family maternity shoot can be so much fun and unique. You can add life to it, by trying new ideas, locations, and poses. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and do something different that one remembers for the years to come. These photos are a huge memory; make sure that you always feel wonderful and warm, when you look back at them.

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