Top 10 Tips With Goodyear Tyres Dubai

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Though Dubai is a modern city with all the advantages of an international capital, the city still has some old customs that are still alive today. Some of these customs are so popular that in most cases, people do not even realize that they were traditional traditions in the  first place. In this article we will discuss known traditions and customs related to the Goodyear Tyres Dubai.

Top Goodyear Tyres Dubai tips:

  1. The first custom we will discuss is related to broken objects. It is customary in old Dubai to replace an object if it breaks. When a girl’s dad buys her a new handbag, or when a carpet gets a hole in it, there is an unspoken rule that you must replace these items with a new one.
  2. Though this habit is strongly discouraged by the culture, it is still quite popular among the younger generation to hit with a shoe anyone that cuts in line. It might seem like a ridiculous custom but if you ever decide to visit Dubai you must remember not to cut in line!
  3. The third tip we will discuss has to do with the gender roles that are followed in old Dubai and are still followed today. Most people believe that men should go first when it comes to everything. This is mostly because it was traditionally the case that men had more money and power than women. Today’s women are not about to let this custom disappear!
  4. Another interesting custom that is still practiced today in old Dubai, is the custom of giving someone a gift when they leave their home. A common tradition that many people follow is to give their friends leaving gifts at their front door, like handkerchiefs or candies.
  5. One of the most important Goodyear Tyres Dubai customs that has been practiced in old Dubai for longer than anyone can remember, is the custom of respecting your elders. In a society where people are not judged by their accomplishments but by their age, you will always want to be on good terms with these people!
  6. One of the most discussed Goodyear Tyres Dubai customs is related to how much an engagement ring costs. In old Dubai, you are expected to spend a certain amount of money on an engagement ring. The amount that is spent differs from couple to couple and it is considered a social faux pas if you do not follow the custom.
  7. Another interesting Goodyear Tyres Dubai custom that is practiced today in old Dubai, is the custom of giving your neighbor gifts when they have a baby. Most people like to give a neighbor a gift if they give birth. These gifts can be anything from coffee or a box of chocolates!

8.If you plan on moving to Dubai and want to get acquainted with the culture, you should know that it is customary for men over the age of 50 to have full beards. Not only will you stand out if you try to grow a beard before the age of 50, but your facial hair will also not look very good!

  1. The Arabic custom of having a man sit in the back seat of a taxi cab is still very popular in old Dubai. Though most men will tell you that this is simply because it is more comfortable to sit in the back seat, people are still very careful about treating others with respect according to social rules!
  2. In old Dubai, it used to be customary for the younger generation not to shake hands with anyone older than them. Most people in old Dubai would greet their elders with a nod of their head or a slight bow. This custom is still practiced today!

In conclusion, it is clear that the culture in old Dubai has many interesting customs and traditions that are not practiced by many. While it might be interesting to learn more about these traditions, they can sometimes be confusing or difficult to follow. In modern Dubai there is a lot of pressure from the government to rid the city of these archaic habits but older generations are not ready for change yet.

Top Goodyear Tyres Dubai History:

In 1886, the first tire shop in the city was established in Deira. Around the same time, it’s neighboring community of Bur Dubai grew and so did the amount of people buying tires in this area. With the increased demand for this product came an increase in good service and quality. This increased competition between tire shops led to an improvement in pricing that led to a positive effect on merchant sales as well as customer satisfaction.

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