Smartphones had acted as a substitute for most digital cameras in most cases. Clearly, with this best free photo editing apps for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone), taking photos has never been much fun whether you are a selfie lover or a fun/full-time photographer.

We know you love taking pictures that’s why we handpicked the best apps to enhance your pictures and draw more likes on social media. Most importantly, for those who take pictures for a living, these apps might just suit your taste. Now let see the top 20 best photo editing apps 2020 for both Android and iOS users.

The ability for smartphones to take great pictures keeps getting better every day as we see new smartphones from brands each day and they want to make sure the camera is there to serve us. But sometimes after taking these pictures on our smartphones we might not do some finishing editing to the pictures.

That is why we need these photo editing apps on our smartphones. The photo editing apps are free on Android and also on the iPhone. The following list of best free photo editing apps for android and iPhone users can be used for Instagram photos and also by bloggers.

Top 20 Best Free Photo Editing Apps Free on Android & For iPhone 2020

1. Snapseedphoto editing apps

If you are looking for the best app for editing photos, Snapseed is just the answer. It comes with a lot of features which include cropping, text, vignette, etc.

Snapseed has a range of filters you can choose from. In addition to this, it allows you to create yours from scratch isn’t that great.

What’s more, it has an adjustment tool that aids you in aid the brightness, contrast of a particular portion of the photo.

With that said it also helps save the history of your editing so you can come back to reedit. The only issue of this app is that beginners will face trouble in editing for the first time.

Download Snapseed For Android And IOS

2. VSCObest photo editing apps

Visco is all about the filters. In other words, this app has a lot of amazing filters in it to help turn your image as if it was shot by a camera itself. VSCO works well for editing photos for your Instagram

The filters in it give the image shot a class unlike those present on Instagram. Visco also has outstanding tools for editing brightness, contrast, temperature, and so on.

Visco is one of the best apps for editing photos because it has a community where to share your photos. And it also allows users to share on social media like Instagram.

Download VSCO For Android And iOS.

3. Prisma Photo Editor 

Actually, Prisma is not exactly a photo editing app. But it helps transform images into artistic work, painting, and drawing. Unlike most painting apps out there that are awkward.

Prisma is exceptional. For instance, it brings a lot of amazing tools like stylish filters, graphics artworks, and so on. If you are a lover of painting you will love this app.

Prisma also has an online community where you help share your images after editing.

The major setback of this app is that it’s not a photo editing app. It also doesn’t run on all devices.

Download Prisma Here For Android And iOS.

4. Adobe Photoshop Expressbest photo editing apps

Adobe photoshop took some of its best features and comprise it into a mobile app know as Adobe Photoshop Express, which makes this the 4th best free photo editing app for both Android and iPhone devices.

Similar to the desktop version, it comes with all-around features that range from brightness, red eyes connection, tests, borders, and so on.

The best feature of this app is the selection of smart filters. These filters correct any issues if the color, exposure, temperature, etc.

Download Adobe Express For Android And IOS.

5. Foodie

This photo app is for those who love taking photos of food or those who run a food vendor and advertise on social media.

Foodie comes with 30 filters and all these are concentrated in enhancing the photos of food taken.

It has additional features of color and border but its main purpose is for the food. If you love taking photos of food this editing app is for you.

Download Foodie For Android And IOS

6. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt studio is a versatile photo editing app. It has lots of features from filters to text to borders. All this is just for editing and making your taken pictures look nice.

One outstanding feature of this app is that it can also be used for editing videos.

Download PicsArt Photo on Android And IOS.

7. Visage

Visage is a selfie editing app. It helps retouch your photos. Most especially, it helps smooth the skin, reduce skin shine, add whiteness to the teeth.

On a general note, it modifies the entire skin completion. It also has awesome backgrounds to help add beauty to the photos.

In other words, to help improve the performance, visage has a pro version of it where you can pay monthly or yearly.

Download Visage For Android And IOS.

8. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix is not really for editing. But is used for fixing of unwanted portions of your photos. This is one of the best photo editing tools (apps) that photographers use for getting the best results.

You can use this app for making a professional level edit to your photo.

Also, you can make adjustments on the highlights, shadows, colors, etc. Its outstanding features are the liquidy section

Download Adobe Photoshop Fix For Android And IOS.

9. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is an awesome artistic photo editor. It comes with a lot of features that impress a lot. It has a lot of features just like photoshop.

Similarly, the enlight photofox is close to the photoshop with features like the layers, etc.

One outstanding feature of Enlight photofox is the ability to blend together features and give your photo a dramatic effect.

To get more on this app you have to watch its tutorial videos.

The setback of this app is that to get its full features you have to subscribe to its pro version monthly($2.74) or one time yearly
purchase of the full version ($64.99) to enjoy to the fullest.

Download Enlight Photofox for Android And IOS.

10. Afterlight 2

Afterlight got its self the ‘all-in-one’. It’s an all-rounder photo editor. It has a lot of basic tools for editing and adjusting colors, saturation, contrast and so in.

After light 2. comes with over 128 frames that users can choose from and packs of filters that you can add to help beautify your photos.

Download Afterlight 2 For Android And IOS.

11. Instasize

Instasize is one of the best apps for editing photos you have been missing. Available for both Android and IOS devices. The app is nickname an ‘all in one app’.

Equipped with a lot of features that help improve any photo. Which include a large filter library, text editor, video editing abilities, and many more.

It has a good and simple user interface and easy to navigate. To sum it up, initialize can be used by both beginners and pros.

Download Instasize for Android and IOS.

12. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best apps for editing photos for professionals and it works on Android and iPhone. With amazing features to enhance the quality of the photos.

The tools include filters for adding effects, nice borders. Users can also edit the exposure on a tap. The premium version has more advanced features like a healing brush and so on.

In short, it has an in-built camera to take raw pictures for editing.

Download Lightroom for Android and IOS.

13. Camera+

One of the most awesome IOS photo apps. It is usually common among iPhone users. Which helps give beauty to their photos. It comes with amazing tools and a great user interface.

The downside is that the app is not available for Android users only iOS users can have this app.

Download Camera+ for IOS

14. Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the popular free best photo editing apps. The app comes with its own unique tools to give your photos truly amazing looks.

It also offers even more features like layers and color adjustments. Pixlr has another version. The pixlr Express which is lesser than Pixlr with little features but still nice. And a pixlr pro version.

Which comes with a price tag on it. However, it offers a free trial. Pixlr helps store your edited photos to your email directly.

Download Pixlr for Android and IOS.

15. TouchRetouch

This is the best editing app for the healing and cloning of photos. It contains a great functionality tool that helps remove unwanted portions of the pictures.

How those it work? Just simply tap the unwanted portion with your fingers and allow the app to analyze and edit. It help suggest how the photo should look like and bring it clean and natural.

However, this has is not all free so users have to pay to enjoy its full features.

Download TouchRetouch For Android And IOS.

16. Filter storm Neue

The awesome app comes with advanced tools for editing photos. It offers interactive features that include adjustments over curves, tones, and levels with channel mixers.

Similarly, the clone features help users remove unwanted parts with ease. In short, you can also add sharpening, watermarking, and noise reduction with this app.

However, it only works on iPhones only and it’s a paid app.

Download Filterstorm Neue For IOS.

17. Superimpose X

This best photo editing app is best for superimposing photos to each other as the name suggests. The app includes features that are adjustment, masking, blending, and many more for editing.

The app us good for both learners and professionals. One outstanding, feature if superimpose X is that you can switch to other projects in the middle of editing an exiting work.

Without losing any. It has also a background removal option. To cut it short, you have filters, shadows, blur, and many more on this app. It has a paid version too.

Download Superimpose X for Android and IOS.

18. Lens Distortion

Lens distortion another best photo editing app. It’s mainly used in adding glass textures, rain, fog, and natural sunlight. This app gives photo lovers to blend and customize pictures to their taste.

Lens distortion has a paid version that has over 200 filters and more advanced features.

However, the free mode also gives users some features like borders and layers to their pictures.

Download Lens Distortion for Android and IOS.

19. Photo Lab Picture Editor

The photo lab boasts of a large collection of stylish and fun effects of over 1000 to date. The app has 40 categories that offer awesome face photomontage, photo frames, animated effects, sketches and paintings, and many more.

To sum up, the app has templates to choose from and create a new photo. The app guild it users all through the editing process. And guess what it’s free with in-app- purchases.

Download Photo Lab for Android and IOS.

20. Mexture

Mexture is suitable for adding a gradient, texture, light, dust, grains, and many more and it is the last on the list of best photo editing apps for users on Android or iOS. The app gives room for its users to create layers that can be used later.

The layers can also be edited for textures, rotation, and blend mode. Accompany with its 12 blending mode, the app boast of awesome creativity. The app is only for IOS users.

Download Mexture for IOS.

Best Photo Editing App For Food Bloggers

The best photo editing app for food blogger is FOODIE because from it name it is clear that it is meant for editing food pictures and it is always there to give your food picture a more attractive look.

My Overview on Using Photo Editing Apps on Android & iPhone to Edit Photos

You might be wondering which to choose from the best apps for editing photos for both android and IOS. My advice to you is to stick to the ones that catch your attention and one of these best photo apps that solve your photo editing problems and give you absolute results.

And clearly define your brand or choose why you need the photo editor, it can be for your InstaStories or your Facebook post of for your business whichever goes for you.

Help us know your choice in the comment box below choosing your own best photo editing apps.