Top Elearning Authoring Tools Of 2020

Top Elearning Authoring Tools Of 2020.   Elearning has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity, thanks to the social restrictions
Top Elearning Authoring Tools Of 2020.

Elearning has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity, thanks to the social restrictions that became important due to the current global emergency.

If your organisation, like many others, is using this situation as an opportunity to take your training initiatives digital, having the right elearning tools is critical for success.

One of the most important tools for delivering online training is a learning management tool. However, another tool that is often overlooked while planning an elearning strategy is the content authoring tool.

A SCORM and xAPI compliant authoring tool will enable your organisation to convert your legacy training material into elearning material. It will also help you instantly make and deploy any changes you may need to introduce in your training content in the future.

With that said, there are an overwhelming number of options when it comes to choosing a SCORM and xAPI compliant authoring tool. To make the job of picking one easier, we have put together a brief elearning authoring tools comparison of the top tools in 2020.

Let us begin:

Easy Generator lives up to its name and enables the creation of high quality and engaging training content without any prior experience. The authoring tool comes loaded with features that let course authors design their own templates.

The authoring tool also allows multiple authors to collaborate on various projects and offers the administrative ability to manage user permissions.


Easy Generator is the perfect choice of elearning authoring tool if you are beginning your elearning content creation journey and only need simple training content for a focused group of learners.

iSpring Suite
The iSpring Suite is a Microsoft Powerpoint based elearning authoring tool. This means, if you have ever created a presentation on Powerpoint, you will be able to quickly learn the ropes of the iSpring elearning authoring toolkit.

Similarly, since the final product will be based on Powerpoint, it will not be surprising for anyone that has used Powerpoint in the past.

However, don’t let any of this lead you to doubt the content creation capabilities of the iSpring Suite. It can create branching scenarios, dialog simulations, videos, screencasts and even comes loaded with a library of learning assets like characters and course templates.

The most significant downside of iSpring Suite is that since it is based on Powerpoint, it cannot function on a Mac system without additional software support.

Adobe Captivate (2019 Edition)
Adobe Captivate is a known name in learning and development circles and their latest authoring tool, Captivate, is one of the most feature-loaded tools currently available in the market.

With the 2019 update, the Captivate added the ability to creative responsive designs for multiple devices to its already beefed up list of features.

The best part about Adobe Captivate is that its interface is suited to all technical capability levels. If you are creating a simple training course, doing so is easy with no prior training.

On the other hand, the authoring tool also enables course creators to build immersive experiences like sandpit-style practice screens, complex interactions, and system demos.

However, course creators will need at least a few hours of training to master the features and functions that enable them to create these advanced elearning course elements.

We hope that this list of our top three choices of content authoring tools will help you choose one that is suited to your needs.

However, keep in mind that there are hundreds of other options in the market. To ensure you have chosen the best possible option, it is smart to try out a few authoring tools before making a purchase decision.

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