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It’s all fun and games ’til your game won’t boot, or your character keeps walking off a cliff. No matter how many power-ups you’ve got or how upgraded your rig is, you’re not immune to entropy. But that doesn’t mean it’s Game Over! Whether you’re a hardcore console gamer or are just tired of Minecraft draining your entire phone battery in one sitting, we’ve got the right tools and guides for you!

Steam Deck: Essential Electronics Toolkit for SSD Upgrades

One of the most highly anticipated consoles in the last decade, the Steam Deck is the long-awaited cure for the infamous hunched “gamer posture,” allowing PC gamers to play from the comfort of their bed or couch for a change. However, your posture isn’t the only thing you can fix. At this very moment, we’re creating over a dozen comprehensive Steam Deck repair guides—before our writers even receive their own Decks! (Don’t worry—Valve supplied us with a couple of Steam Decks to disassemble for accurate guide-writing; we’re just not getting much gaming done.)

While it boasts a library as vast as Steam itself, the base model Steam Deck only comes with about 64 GB of storage. And, as you might know, video games are getting bigger and bigger every year, both in map size (looking at you, FromSoftware) and file size. With games like Call of Duty: Warzone reaching close to 100 GB, storage might be the first thing to upgrade on your newly acquired Steam Deck.

Essential Electronics Toolkit

The pocket-sized Pro Tech, perfect for top-tier gamers and newbs alike!

Our very own Essential Electronics Toolkit contains all the tools required for not only the SSD replacement procedure but almost every Steam Deck repair guide. It’s a must-have for repairs on the go!

Nintendo: Tri-Point Driver

There is perhaps no company as synonymous with “video games” as Nintendo. Some parents still call every console a “Nintendo”—kind of like how every Pokémon is a “Pikachu.” Although some gamers would say that both have an aversion to evolution, that doesn’t stop them from being fan favorites year after year.

Whether it’s the Game Boy, the DS, or the Switch, a tri-point (or Y-type) driver is essential for repairing nearly every Nintendo console. And of course, we can’t talk about Nintendo without mentioning the dreaded Joy-Con drift. Luckily, we’ve practically perfected this repair and have written guides on how to fix the issue—for both right and left Joy-Cons. Why shell out $80 for a new pair of controllers when you can nab a Joy-Con fix kit for only $20?

Xbox: Thermal Paste for Maintenance

What Microsoft lacks in repair-oriented design and console-naming prowess, it makes up for with Halo. If you’re old enough to remember the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, you’re definitely old enough to repair your own consoles. Seriously though, the industry’s most infamous gaming manufacturing defect is a more straightforward fix than you’d think!

Turns out, this issue can sometimes be fixed by replacing the thermal paste within the console. Everything you need to revive your favorite Halo 3 machine is included in this handy-dandy Red Ring of Death kit! Overheating is a very common issue across all electronics and can cause damage to internals in the long run. A tube of thermal paste is an absolute essential for console maintenance.

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

Remember RROD? Of course you do, here’s the fix—and as a bonus, it’s a preventative measure, too!

PlayStation: Soldering Station for Stubborn Joystick Drift

Removing PlayStation DualSense controller thumbstick from its motherboard.

You want PlayStation parts? We’ve got PlayStation parts. Whether you’re giving your PSP a second lease on life or desperately trying to fix the drift on your DualSense controller, we’ve got you covered!

While Joy-Con drift is relatively easy to repair on the Nintendo Switch, fixing drift on the DualSense controller unfortunately requires soldering. While soldering can feel a little daunting, it’s never too late to learn an invaluable skill—and this one can open up your repair possibilities tenfold. Take a look at our soldering station to get an idea of what you’ll need!

Soldering Workstation

Unlock a new skill and learn to solder! This workstation has everything you’ll need to tackle those stubborn joints and fix joystick drift.

Mobile Gaming: Battery Fix Kits for Better, Longer Gaming

Games like Pokémon Go and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile can take a serious toll on your phone battery. If you’re constantly lugging a mobile charging brick, or regularly see your battery percentage drop from 15% to 1% in a matter of minutes, your phone may be due for a battery replacement. Our nifty Minnow Driver Kit is almost as portable as a phone and has most of the bits you’ll need for phone repair. For a more complete repair solution, snag a battery fix kit to extend your maximum playtime!

Game On

Sometimes turning your device off and on again is enough; for everything else, we’ve got thousands of free repair manuals, a wonderfully responsive community forum, and plenty of professional-grade tools to offer. Tag us in your latest fix on social media to show us how you’ve leveled up as a fixer!



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