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Many YouTube creators in India have a lower subscriber base and less earning potential. However, some of these creators are able to expand their audience beyond their home country’s borders to earn a living on CPM rates. According to a recent Top Dollar report, Ajey Nagar, creator of the popular YouTube channel Carry Minati, came from Faridabad, Haryana. He dropped out of school after studying the arts stream in high school. He went on to pursue distance education and a career in YouTube.

During his college days, Zayn began his YouTube channel and started posting comedy and music videos. Now, he has over 21 million subscribers and a large fan base. He is also an avid food blogger and enjoys sharing recipes. He began his YouTube career at age 52 with comedy videos. He has been successful in his niche for more than five years. He tries to teach people how to cook Indian food using recipes he has created herself.

Other YouTubers in India have a large subscriber base and have a wide range of content. Ashish Chanchlani, for example, has 18.6 million subscribers and a video channel dedicated to games. His YouTube channel has over four million subscribers and over 175 videos. Its popularity has increased in the past five years, primarily due to his witty comments and comedy videos. It’s hard to believe that he has only two videos, but they have a very large following!

Amit Bhadana is another popular YouTuber in India. His videos are mostly comedy sketches, but he has a variety of topics and genres. Amit Bhadana, a Delhi-based law graduate, has a subscriber base of 19.2 million and is one of the most influential people in Asia 2020. While his content varies, his videos are often insightful and entertaining. The creator’s videos are edited and directed by him, making them unique and entertaining.

Khan Sir is a Delhi-based YouTuber who has over 9.3 million subscribers and a website dedicated to his channel. He has two YouTube channels, sjlovesjewelry. His videos are fun to watch and share, and his style is unique. Besides being a YouTube star, he also has a successful blog. The channel has a huge audience.

Amit Bhadana is one of the top YouTubers in India, with over 30 million subscribers. He is known for creating humorous content that is relatable to the everyday life of his viewers. He studied law and started his channel in his late teens, without the permission of his parents. He has since gone on to make a name for himself in the world of YouTube. The videos that he uploads are made by himself, which helps him maintain a higher level of control over the content.

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The Viral Fever is one of the leading online entertainment companies in India. It is an entertainment company that caters to the YouTube community in India. Its website is a mix of web series and one-off videos. With more than 3.4 million subscribers, The Viral Fever is one of the Top YouTuber in the country. Its YouTube channel has garnered international recognition. With its popular video content and varied style, the channel has become a hit in India.

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The most popular YouTube channel in India is TsMadaan. He is known for creating funny content that is relatable to the everyday life of Indians. His YouTube channel boasts more than 1.1 million subscribers and more than a half billion views. This videomaker is a law graduate who also edits and directs his own videos. In addition to making funny videos, TsMadaan has also created a variety of educational and inspirational content.

In the country, the most popular YouTube channel is Amit Bhadana. With more than two million subscribers, Amit is the top YouTuber in India. He has a channel devoted to app tests. In addition to this, Amit also has a YouTube channel called TVF.TVF has the largest number of viewers in India, with 2823 videos uploaded. The other popular channels are Prajakta Koli and Amit Bhadana.



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