Try These Quick Fixes If Your iPhone is Not Updating

iPhone are the most common smartphones all around the world. people love to buy them and the features they come with are amazing. However, it is important if you are using an iPhone to get it updated time to time otherwise it will start acting up and you won’t enjoy the latest features that come with the newest update.

Make Sure Your iphone is Compatible with the Newest Update

If you have an old Apple model your device is not compatible with the latest software updates that come out in the market. There is a list of compatible devices with the latest iOS that you can find on apples website. For example, iOS 14 is only compatible with iPhone 6S or newer models. So, if you own a smartphone that is older than iPhone 6S then you certainly need to change your device. The upgrade is very important when it comes to iPhones as the latest updates function well with the latest model. However, if you are OK with the device you have then you do not need to download a new iOS on an incompatible device because it would cause the device to slow down and you won’t be able to use it as smoothly as you used to do before downloading the update.

Charge Your iPhone

If you have the latest device and your iPhone still doesn’t let you update your software, then you need to check your battery power. The phones however latest they are needed to have at least 50% battery or more if you want to start the download of an update. This functionality was included in Apple in order to prevent your phone from turning off during an update that could end up losing your data. This is not something difficult to do and you should definitely charge your phone adequately before you start a new update. Whenever you get a notification of a new update you sure charge your phone and start the update when you have sufficient battery in your mobile phone.

Perform a Soft Reset

Sometimes iPhone encounter issues when the update download doesn’t work successfully on the first attempt. A soft reset is very important if this happens. You can reset your phone by holding the power button and volume up buttons until a slide to power off option appears on the top of the screen. After doing this you can perform a soft reset on your smart phone and start the update again. This is done because after refreshing the phone it is ready for another attempt at updating and there is a chance that you won’t encounter any issue in the second attempt.

Make Sure There’s Enough Space

You have to make sure that there is enough space on your iPhone if you are updating it. In order to see how much space is available on your iPhone you have to go into the settings application and tap general then scroll down to find out the iPhone storage. If you have sufficient storage, then you should start updating your device and enjoy new features as much as you want.

Try Updating With Both itunes and The Settings Application

The updates can be done through the settings application as well as the AI teams. If you are facing any problem while you are updating from the settings application then you should try updating your iPhone through iTunes.

Last resort? Restore your iPhone

If you have performed all the above explained steps then you only have the option to restore your iPhone. This means that you will have to erase everything from your phone and restore it to a factory update. This might come as a hard option but it will update your phone to the newest settings and you will be able to enjoy updated features.



Updating the iPhone is very important as all the new features can only be enjoyed if you have the latest operating system. These are all the simple steps that you should follow if you are encountering any problem updating your iPhone. If however the problem doesn’t go then you should go and see an authorized iPhone repair center and ask the expert technician what is wrong with your smartphone.

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