Twitch Has Finally Published Its First-Ever Transparency Report

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Twitch Has Finally Published Its First-Ever Transparency Report.

After 10 years in business, Twitch has finally issued their first-ever transparency report.

Looking back at the past year, while the corporate hasn’t provided any exact figures on what percentage moderators it currently employs, it did say that the quantity had increased fourfold, and celebrated the very fact that 95 percent of all live content on the service had been viewed by some sort of moderator by the top of 2020.

With 40 percent more channels on Twitch during the last half of the year, the corporate has reported that chat messages removed by its AutoMod and blocked term features increased by a powerful 61 percent.

Manual deletions by both content creators and moderators surged even more, skyrocketing by 98 percent. Perhaps most significantly , the platform found that its number of rule enforcements against users and channels that are reported rose 41 percent, targeting variety of categories including violence, gore, nudity, harassment , general hateful conduct, and even terrorist propaganda.

“At Twitch, we believe everyone in our community – creators, viewers, moderators, and Twitch – plays an enormous role in promoting the health and safety of our community,” the report says. “Through the Community Guidelines, we attempt to explain what expression and behavior are allowed on the service, and what’s not.

We then believe community moderation actions and user reporting, along side technological solutions, like machine learning and proactive detection, to make sure the Community Guidelines are upheld.

Creators and moderators (colloquially referred to as “mods”) also use tools that we and third-parties provide, like AutoMod, Mod View, and moderation bots, to enforce Twitch service wide standards, or to line higher standards in their own channels. ”

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