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Chrome’s new update is the best in recent years – here’s why. Find out all the news in Google Chrome version 87.

As I write this article I am almost touched. A few hours ago Google released what is probably the most anticipated update ever for its Chrome browser.
Unlike all the other updates, which have only ever introduced small innovations and changes, this update is truly revolutionary.

The reason?

According to what reported by Google, Chrome 87 offers the largest increase in performance in recent years and all in the face of a greater battery life.

Considering that I was ready to change my MacBook Air precisely because it had become almost impossible to use Chrome due to its heaviness and its exaggerated consumption of resources (processor, RAM, and battery), you can easily imagine how much the release of this update makes me happy.

But let’s see in detail what changes with Chrome 87.

What’s New in Google Chrome 87

As anticipated, the news are so many, but mainly this update will offer us:

  • significantly better performance
  • better battery (or less impact on the battery)

How is this possible?

Chrome gives priority to active tabs over others, reducing CPU consumption by up to 5 times and consequently extending the battery up to 1.25 hours more.

In addition, the browser starts up 25% faster, loads pages up to 7% faster, and uses less power and less RAM than before.

Finally, also that Chrome for Android now loads pages almost instantly when you navigate back and forth with the appropriate keys/gestures.

A search for tabs in the toolbox will also be added shortly. We will be able to see a list of all the open tabs, regardless of the window in which they are, and perform a search to find what we need. This feature will arrive first on Chromebook, and then on desktop. However, it is possible to activate it manually by adding the parameter –enable-features = TabSearch in the Destination field of the link to the Chrome executable file

Another nice news: the actions in the address bar (omnibox). For example, we can write “change password” or “delete history” and we will immediately have the relative option at hand: simple, fast, and very comfortable.

Another interesting news: Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer receives a number of noteworthy updates.

When opening any PDF document with the Google browser, a column now appears on the left side of the screen showing a preview of each page’s content as a thumbnail. In the bar at the top, the new Chrome PDF viewer offers the buttons Fit to page and Rotate counterclockwise: the first allows you to optimize the display of the document, vertically or horizontally, depending on the size of the screen; the second to rotate the pages that make up the file.

The release of Chrome 87 also marks the introduction in the browser of new controls useful for configuring and managing the webcam directly. Instead of using the manufacturer’s software or third-party applications, it is now possible to modify the camera settings using only the Google browser. An example of what is possible to do at this address.

Furthermore, the new Cookie Store API allows websites to access the content of cookies stored locally and used by the same pages more quickly.

Finally, soon (only for some users, at least initially) cards will be added in the new tab page. These will contain recently visited sites and related content on the web, so that we can resume interrupted activities and wanting to deepen them.

Update Chrome now

So, have you seen how much news has arrived on Google Chrome? What are you waiting for to immediately update your browser to touch them with your hand?

NOTE: to install Chrome 87, just released in the stable version, I recommend typing chrome: //settings/help in the address bar and letting the browser automatically download and install the latest release.

Is it finally time to stop saying that Chrome consumes too many resources and is too heavy? We will find out in the next few hours. I am updating my Chrome right now and will be testing it thoroughly in the next few hours.

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