Useful Indian Apps to Send Bulk SMS in Regional Languages


Sending text messages in bulk amounts is an intuitive way of marketing. It is called SMS marketing As a business owner, you can implement this beneficial technique to grow your business. Moreover, it is a cost-effective mode of sending promotional information and invitations to the mass audience. Today, financial organizations, retail outlets, and manufacturing units are using this service significantly. Though, a few years back, sending messages in mass amounts was only possible in English as the default language. But, now the advancement in technology has also enabled users to convey promotional messages in regional Indian languages as well.

The GetInsta app also used the same technology. Currently, there are supportive mobile applications that are available online to download. You can use such tools to convert text into the preferred phrase to send messages in a large volume. You can send SMS in the following Indian scripts by using mobile apps.


If your preference is to send promotional messages in the Bengali language then Amar Bangla is the right tool. It is the finest application that would provide you with a Bengali keypad for Android. You can use this app without any flaw to send messages to your Bengali clients. It works seamlessly for Androids to send messages, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook texts, etc. 

This app offers 39 free Bengali fonts. It will automatically convert English text into Bengali with utmost precision. You can even switch from English to Bangla without changing the normal QWERTY keyboard. Amar Bangla is in huge demand due to its reliability, fast, and precise work. 


Texting using the Hindi language is also popular among Indian business owners. Hence, it is the national language of India, so sending bulk SMS in this script is really influential. There are a number of apps available on the web world. For instance, you can use a basic typing tutor in Hindi to serve your purpose. It seamlessly converts your text into local phrases thus you can send messages to your audience. You can use free service for bulk messaging to promote your products at a significant level.  


Bulk messaging in Tamil could really become an easy chore by using Lipikaar. It is an intuitive application that is available online to download. The Tamil keyboard for Android phones is available for easy text conversion. You can simply use it from English to Tamil conversion automatically. The format of text will be correct, and you can also form error-free texts with this tool. By using this app, you do not need to memorize the Tamil fonts. It works fast and is compatible with Android versions to use as a bulk messenger. 


For using the Kannada language to send bulk messages you can download the online Kannada SMS app. It is readily available in the Google Play Store for Android users. You can get the advantage to send normal and social media texts from this app. It supports Kannada fonts very well, thus you can get a flawless user experience. The interface of this tool is easy and backed up with user support. Free to use app that is a must for Kannada language users. 


The online Punjabi typing tool is available to download from the Google play store. It is a marvelous Punjabi typing application for Android users. You can download and install to get the ultimate conversion of text messages from English to Punjabi. The app is absolutely free and is compatible to use with normal mobile keyboards. The tool has easy settings, so now you do not need to copy-paste the text. You can directly type in Punjabi script using Gurumukhi, Raavi, and Asees font. 


Malayalam is a popular Indian language that is used prominently within and outside India as well. This language has several fonts that are somehow difficult to use in writing. ISM Malayalam is a useful app that works proficiently on Android and even on Mac. It is a secure and authorized app that is developed by C-DAC an Indian government institute. You can use this app for faultless conversion of English to Malayalam text online. Moreover, this app allows Unicode Malayalam fonts and Rupee symbols. So, you can even employ ISM Malayalam to send cost estimations to your prospective clients. 

To Sum Up, using mobile applications for bulk messaging has entirely changed the business scenario. These apps allow the incredible conversion of texts from English to preferred Indian languages. The use is fast, safe, and convenient due to their seamless interfaces. They offer free-of-cost access to make bulk texting a beneficial chore. 

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