Uwork – Is Uwokr.ng Still Legit Or Scam This Is The Review


This platform uwork as actually be operating for quite long a little which was brought to our notice as of last month 10 December 2020 and we partake on the program throughout last month which is last year we pick a pause but the platform still exist and functioning as recent January 2021 that’s why we pick to review the platform uwork.ng if it’s still legit or they’ve add scam to there work.



As of the type when we pick part on joining this platform they operate well which we got paid with the speed of light in foreign currency called dollar 💲 just by performing or doing some work that will be attached to you once you are a free member of the platform or a premium which is also called VIP member of uwork. You will get to know more about the platform premium package Soon.



What Is Uwork?

To our own definition and a layman language we call uwork or uwork.ng an e-commerce platform which they pay you for performing some task online and by inviting more people there platform if you feel like which the people you invite to the platform will be aligned as your team or team members.


Uwork.ng task entails or work that you need to do on uwork before you can earn is by sharing some post or sponsored content to your Facebook account and provide a proof of sharing then you will be paid for that task which you partake on.



That’s just easy ways in which uwork use to pay his member according to level that you below to you can earn either you are a VIP member of the platform or free member of the platform.



How Does Uwork.ng Operate

Uwork operates in such a way that you get paid on a daily basis by performing some task which you will get your commission once you perform or carry out your task completely on a daily basis. Payment rate depends or defer from the level of premium member you belong to for good. Uwork.ng makes ways of making money online easy once you do the needful.



Basic Ways Of Operation By Uwork

Once you visit their website uwork.ng or you download the app to your phone. Then you register to the platform by filling up some form.

How uwork works

Your account will be upgraded to VIP 0 which can help you accumulate some money for some days if you keep up with the task well and invite more people when you are on VIP 0 of the platform.

The VIP 0 package is limited which you will need to upgrade to another VIP platform to get your account going and keep running.


Money that you earn from VIP 0 with zero amount can be used to upgrade to another VIP level which entails 1, 2 or 3.

How uwork.ng operate

VIP members from 1 to three are not free unlike other VIP zero, then you keep earning by performing your tasks.


You earn more money when you invite more people to the platform which you will form as a team. It was said that you can earn upto 5000 dollar monthly when you stick up to perform tasks well on the platform.


Yes you will still want to know more about the platform right why not know how to join first and register with their free VIP membership then you can know if you should upgrade or not to the next VIP member.



How To Join Uwork.ng

It’s easy for you to join Uwork.ng which you can start with free membership called VIP 0 and last for at least 5 days or more before you can be able to join the next VIP plan once you register and be a member of the platform.


To join uwork you will need to have there app or know there website and once the sum of 15 dollar ready or less likely you can use money you earn for VIP zero to upgrade your account to the next level or next stage to make your membership of the platform last longer just to make you accumulate more funds from the platform.



How To Register On Uwork

  • Click here to head straight to the uwork official website before you can register.
  • Or you just go to your browser and visit uwork.ng.
  • Once you get to the page on the main menu find the Me button.
  • The button is located below the right side of the site.
  • Click on it then you will be provided on the page to login or register.
  • Hit on the register button they provide or fill the form.
  • You will be asked to provide the following details which entails: phone number, email or Gmail, full name, password and lastly invitation code.
  • Your invitation or invite code is 109558 input on the box provided for it and click on register.
  • Email and phone number will be needed to verify and some other password will need to be set.
  • Go ahead verify your account view email to make your registration now successful on uwork.


After you follow the process then you have just joined the platform by a membership of VIP 0 which you will need to upgrade to the next VIP member in the future let’s state how VIP membership of the platform goes.



How Does VIP Membership Of Uwork Goes

Uwork or uwork.ng has four different types of VIP members which entails: VIP 0 to 3.

That uwork VIP 0 membership is free and it lasts for approximately 5 or 6 days.

Uwork.ng VIP 1 can be gotten for $15 and you will learn how to purchase or subscribe to be a VIP 1 member soon.

VIP 2 of uwork membership is $150 which some of the best and features that VIP 1 does not have is attached to VIP 2 of there premium features.

Uwork.ng VIP 3 premium package

And lastly, which we call the higher level or premium membership of uwork VIP 3 is $300 that is equivalent to 148,500 in naira according to uwork dollar rate.

Uwork package VIP subscription

The VIP one $15 dollar rate of uwork.ng is equivalent to 7,400 in naira according to uwork rate which is not recent dollar standards rate and $150 rate 74,250 in naira according to the platform rate.

VIP 2 premium package

So you can select from which one you will like to join once you accumulate enough from the free membership which is said to be VIP zero.


How To Subscribe To VIP Membership On Uwork.ng

  • Once you join, register to the platform uwork.
  • Login with your log-in details click on the ‘ME’ button. Upgrade package on uwork
  • Look around on the page you will find the button “Upgrade” click on it.
  • Then you will be provided with the VIP membership that you can upgrade to.
  • Click on VIP 1, 2 or 3 on the page and select the uworkpay button for Nigeria members only.Uwork package VIP subscription
  • Another payment method using crypto wallet usdt is for global.
  • Select anyone you want and click on the upgrade you will be provided with the amount of money you need to deposit to get your premium membership on the platform.
  • Proceed with the card payment method or use another method. Any form of method you use is safe.

How To Upgrade Package On Uwork.ng VIP Membership On Uwork


By following the process gradually carefully and you get a successful message once you are done then you have successfully joined or subscribed to premium VIP membership of uwork.ng.



How Does Uwork Pay Their Member

They pay you according to the task which amount of money you will earn as being attached to any task you want to take that can be seen on the screenshot below.

Which all tasks entails to submit a post to any of your social media accounts using Facebook or Instagram.


Free members of the platform VIP 0 are eligible to partake on a single task why VIP 1 are eligible to take 2 tasks daily.


Higher VIP level membership high ways to earn from more tasks.


And you get commission for people that you invite to the platform which you will keep earning as they keep performing their task on a daily basis on the platform as they earn through there task you also earn when they complete their task on any of their uwork.ng membership.



How To Perform Task On Uwork.ng


By following the whole step provided above you have successfully completed a task which will be confirmed by uwork and once it’s being confirmed the amount to be earned for that task will be deposited to your uwork balance that’s just as to take any task.


Follow the same path to take another task on uwork.ng without any stress.



Once you accumulate enough money you should know how to withdraw your funds from Uwork right don’t worry we will state the process and how you can do that for you now.


How To Withdraw On Uwork.ng

Withdrawing process on uwork is quite easy and straightforward which you will be paid equivalent to dollar amount to naira if you want to withdraw to your bank account straight forward.


VIP 0 are eligible to withdraw their fund once they reach an equivalent amount of $3 and VIP 1 are eligible to withdraw their money from uwork once they reach a dollar amount of $10 respectively applicable to other VIP membership too.


You will need to reach some certain amount of money before you can withdraw your money or fund from uwork.


Withdraw Process On Uwork

  • Once you login to your account click on me to end straight to the withdrawal page.
  • Hit on the view all button as seen on the screenshot below. Uwork withdrawal process
  • After you click on the button you will be provided with the withdrawal page.
    • Note: make sure you have add your payments details and set your payment password before you request for withdrawal on uwork.ng
  • The page contains the balance and amount you have on your page click on the withdraw button. How to withdraw on uwork.ng
  • Once you click on the button you will be asked to select the payment method which should be NGN Uwork pay for Nigeria’s.
  • Select where to withdraw from either from task balance or your referral Balance.
  • Select one button and make sure you have reached the withdrawal threshold.
  • Proceed to the withdrawal process, provide the amount you want to withdraw.

And click on the process button, which will be stated below the process button that the withdrawal process can take upto 24 – 48 hour’s.

Which you can’t also get paid on Saturday or Sunday on the working days.

Doing the working days you will get paid before 24hrs if possible but it’s possible because they use to place and pay people before 24hrs once it’s being confirmed.

Now the main part is legit or scam.



Is uwork legit or scam?

That’s one of the best question people love to get answer for which is if any platform is legit or scam. People still want to know if uwork is scam or legit let provide some questions to your answer.


As you can see and according to our own view we have not recovered any scam record from uwork till take since the day we know about them as December 2020 they might have been operating before we know about them.


But since alitceh blog and his team has been introduced to such a platform we have never seen or found any scam result about this platform uwork.ng and at the same type we can’t say the platform is legit but they are still functioning and paying their workers well for now.

As we all know nothing stays for long. You can join the platform now and earn little you want to earn from it then you should move on with your life and don’t attach greediness to anything you are doing so as to be on a safe hand.


You can also look through the platform and judge yourself if it’s legit or a scam.

Uwork withdrawal prove



This review is done according to out audience suggestions if you love or like what you get from this page you can as well join our platform or social media platform to be part of our active audience for we will keep trying our possible best to bring you best and legit online money making platforms out there that will help you to earn more money once you are at home.



Hope we provide necessary Information you need about uwork?

Let us know in the comment section.



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