Vivo phones: are they good? Are they worth it? which ones are the best?

Vivo He has been promoting his arrival in Spain for a few weeks with a specific and very interesting catalog. If you don’t know the international Android scene, you may think that this company is completely new. Far from it, it has been leading the Asian market for many years together with the main companies such as Samsung, Huawei or Oppo. Vivo has arrived in Spain with 4 mobiles of different prices and ranges, so it is normal that these devices have been offered to you in a physical or online store. Today we tell you if these Live mobileGenerally speaking, they are worth it.

Vivo has been competing with Samsung, Huawei, Apple for years …

In the western market it is not well known, but for a company to compete with the main brands in China it must have quality. Vivo It has been offering its devices in the Chinese market for many years, ranking in the TOP 5 of international manufacturers. It sells so many mobiles in China that it appears in the global rankings of sale of smartphones.

The Vivo line has been focusing for several years on making terminals with top quality and striking technological advances. The company likes to attract attention by launching devices with an overwhelming amount of RAM or by making high-quality and quirky designs. Alive got to have the world’s thinnest mobile for a long time.

This all boils down to devices with a very good build quality and decent features. Vivo It doesn’t specialize in high-end mobiles, but almost. Their devices have the same quality as most high-end devices, although in many cases their characteristics are top mid-range. It is a strategy that Oppo has also been offering for years in the Chinese market.

In summary: Vivo mobiles have a construction very good comparable to other brands such as Samsung, Huawei o Apple. You should not think that it is a Chinese brand with poor quality or that it has just started making mobile phones.

What does the Vivo mobile catalog offer?

Vivo has dozens of devices on the Asian market, but only a few on their arrival in the West. After visiting the Vivo website we realize that they have 4 mobiles for sale: Vivo Y11s, Vivo Y20s, Vivo Y70 and Vivo Y51 5G. All of them prices ranging from 149 euros / dollars to 799 euros / dollars.

We will not talk about each terminal, as this is a matter of future analyzes and presentations. Yes we tell you that taking a look at its catalog there are several interesting and common sections. All devices have large amounts of RAM and storage, quite generous batteries, Qualcomm processors and very fast fast charges.

Of course, as the price increases the devices include more interesting features. Vivo is a company that reaches the international market and is halfway between the best quality / price ratio and the most advanced terminals.

Their devices offer good quality and quite top components, although they do not have the best price on the market. Of course, this also happens with most brands. Vivo it has a short catalog and without dozens of options to doubt.

Are Vivo mobiles good? Can I buy one?

If you have gone to a physical store or your operator has offered you a Live mobile We recommend you include it in your list of options. Do not rule it out because it is a new company, it really is not. Do not think that it is a cheap and Chinese manufacturer with mediocre terminals.: their devices have top quality and components within their price ranges.

With this we do not want to tell you to buy a Vivo mobile yes or yes, but yes, take them into account when buying your next smartphone. Vivo has come to Spain and the West to stay and offer a truly interesting catalog, so take a look and compare its terminals with the Xiaomi, Huawei y Samsung de turno.

What do you think of cell phones Live? Do you think they are worth it?

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