Ways To Track a Stolen Cell Phone – Both iPhone and Android Phones

Ways to track a stolen cell phone

Losing a smartphone can be a very stressful experience. You have to take a breath and stop yourself from panicking first. There are built-in tools in your Android phone that can help you track down. You can lose your phone in a blink of an eye. Imagine you put your Android phone somewhere on our counter and all of a sudden you realize that your phone is missing. Regardless of however you lose it, be it a simple theft or your own mistake losing your phone is stressful. It cuts your access to the rest of the world and it gets very difficult if you are a social person. Losing it is one thing, but girl cost of getting it replaced is a nuisance.

There are tools that are built inside every cell phone by the manufacturers that make it possible for you to track down your phone with ease. However, it is important that when you set your phone up you take some necessary steps in case your phone goes missing even if you are just leaving your house for a brief period of time.

Create a secure lock screen

Creating a secure lock screen is very important for the security of your smartphone. You will be doing yourself a favor if you turn on passcode and fingerprint authentication. Using facial recognition on your Android device is never suggested. It is because facial recognition can be easily tricked with a photo of your face. Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL stand out because they are more reliable and similar to Apple’s Face ID bot other smartphones are not as good.

Creating passcodes and setting up fingerprint authentication is very easy. You have to go into the settings app under the security section and then set it up. It can be stressful at times because you do not want to enter the pin every time you have to see your phone but imagine if someone has access to your photos, banking, apps, and email and this is very scary. You can lose a good amount of data and the breacher can exploit you using the data you have on your phone. The same goes for the iPhone. You can use the facial recognition feature because it is not that easy to open. However, it is suggested that you use a passcode or fingerprint for more security.

Google’s Find My Device

In order to keep your phone protected it is important to make sure that your Google’s find my device is turned on. Whenever you sign in to an Android device with a Google account you will have to turn on Find My Device. Normally it gets on automatically (shop.oem-automation.com price) but if it is not you have to go into the settings and then security and location to turn it on. It helps you locate your phone wherever it is in case you lose it. The phone tracking service of the iPhone is very good as well. It also helps you detect the phone’s location.

Samsung has two different services

This service of finding your phone is different from Find My Device. Samsung gives you a backup service so you can track down a lost phone and provide you with tools that even Find My Device does not. Samsung has recently announced a new service called SmartThings Find. This new feature is more like apples find my app by crowdsourcing the location of a lost device. This works even if the phone is offline by finding nearby Galaxy devices to look for the Bluetooth signal and report the location if it is one.


Conclusively, losing a phone is stressful but you can always act smart and do the right things timely in order to find it out. If you follow some simple steps you will be able to find your phone in a matter of hours. First, you have to take the necessary measures that can help you out in a time of need when you go through such an accident or mishap. Follow these simple steps and you won’t panic as soon as you lose it instead act accordingly.

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