What is RPG?

RPG stands for “Role Playing Games”. In an RPG, the player embodies one or more heroes whose evolution he will define through choices, whether on his abilities, accessories, or personality. These choices will have consequences on the way of playing and the unfolding of the scenario. In an RPG, the player is, therefore, both the author and the actor of the adventure. Obviously, we find the RGP codes in many other more prominent genres, especially in adventure games like Zelda or action games like Mass Effect. Here we have some examples of different RPGs and the key for Deathloop here;

Pokémon games

Inspired by the Dragon Quest Monsters games, the green, and red Pocket Monsters games were released in February 1996 in Japan. The success is immediate, and the Pokémon saga is launched. The principle is simple: the player goes on an adventure and must capture Pokémon in the wild, which he must train and develop to form a team strong enough to win the Pokémon League, bringing together the best trainers.

The license is now the second best-selling license globally, behind Mario, with more than 365 million copies sold (February 2020 figure), and is available in different types of games, for example, Mystery Dungeons. or even MOBAs with the eagerly awaited arrival of Pokémon Unite.

Thanks to games accessible to all and above all very well produced, thanks to its many variations (animated series, films, collectible card game, etc.), Pokémon is an essential entity in the RPG.

Zelda games

The presence of the Zelda games in this selection may be a source of debate. But the saga, which is present in our selection of the best adventure games, fulfills many selection criteria for RPGs, despite certain limitations. We embody a hero, Link, who must be made progress by improving his endurance, life, and discovering different powers without having different options. We participate well in the main quest and side quests, but the fact that Link is silent is an obstacle to his qualification in RPG since the impact of the player on the predefined scenario is almost nil.

Regardless, the absolute depth of its universe and the epic quality of its adventures make it an unmissable saga for RPG lovers and others. 

Baldur’s Gate games

If RPGs are inspired by Dungeons and Dragons games, Baldur’s Gate games are the direct heirs. Developed by BioWare, the games all take place in the campaign settings of the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons. Its gameplay almost perfectly reflects the sensations of board role-playing games.

The action takes place in real-time, but the player, who can control multiple characters, can pause everything at any time to prepare for the next step. More accessible because more focused on the action, the Baldur’s Gate series has made it possible to convert many players to the RPG genre and is an essential part of the genre.

Fallout games

The Fallout series of games are a staple of the RPG. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe almost destroyed by nuclear conflict, in which you may encounter all kinds of creatures on which radioactivity seems to have had a terrifying effect.

Unlike JRPGs, Fallout offers complete freedom to the player, who can decide to behave well or be the worst person possible. The entire universe around the hero will react according to the latter’s choices during his adventure. Fallout is also distinguished by its punk style and the humor of its dialogue and script. If the release of the last opus, Fallout 76, in November 2018, had raised many criticisms, the license remains one of the most legendary in the history of the RPG. It continues to bring together millions of fans around the world.

Path of Exile Expansions

A brainchild of Chris Wilson, Path of Exile was released in 2012 by Grinding Gear Games. Of all the games on the list, Path of Exile is the most different. For starters, it’s free to play, meaning you don’t have to pay anything to play the game. And unlike other games that had new titles released every few years, this game had expansions released, which improved its existing gameplay while simultaneously adding to the storyline.

The game lets you hold off a single character who has to traverse the dark fantasy continent of Wraeclast. Players encounter monsters and other creatures while on quests. As the game continues, quests get more difficult and counter that player’s character becomes stronger thanks to gems and in-game items. Players can get these items from vendors in-game or quest drops. Each gem and item has a different Poe currency price, so it may take you a while to get the best in the game, but they will be worth it.

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