WhatsApp Beta: How To Mute Videos Before Sending On WhatsApp Beta

How To Mute Videos Before Sharing On WhatsApp ( WhatsApp Beta)WhatsApp Beta: How To Mute Videos Before Sending On WhatsApp Beta.

Was said by wabetainfo that they need been testing the newest WhatsApp features which entails mute videos before sharing on WhatsApp that’s already available for beta tester and it’s another amazing WhatsApp feature that’s yet to be unrolled officially but already available for beta users.


This feature that whatsapp seems to introduce are some things that the majority WhatsApp users are expecting and it’s already for android whatsapp beta users which is for test and if you would like to hitch the tester you’ll got to download the beta app which will be gotten from wabetainfo official page.
Mute Videos Before Sharing On WhatsApp
Before this was introduced most whatsapp users make use of some editing tools to urge obviate voice or mute the video once they desire the video they need to upload on their whatsapp status doesn’t got to play voice or attached with voice.


Some of these features are what most WhatsApp users expect and can wish to start making use of. But it’s just being unrolled for android users and not all android users but beta tester users.



The latest WhatsApp beta v2.21.3.13 is claimed to be the version of the beta whatsapp version that came with this feature and it’s already unrolled to users that make use of such whatsapp globally.
This feature seems to be one among the WhatsApp features which may drag it’s users back that move to other platforms like telegram and signal messenger app thanks to the rumor that spread about whatsapp being stealing users data.


That led to sharing data with Facebook which make a number of its users to lose courage in making use of whatsapp as of then that make then move to the choice social media platform but this features might drag it’s users back if it’s as been unrolled officially.
Mute videos before sharing on WhatsApp Mute videos before sharing on WhatsApp
How To Mute Videos Before Sharing On WhatsApp Beta
As we said earlier the video mute feature before sharing the video is out there for whatsapp beta users for now.
Which you’ll got to download and install the newest WhatsApp beta v2.21.3.13 to your phone.
And sign it thereto before you’ll get to form use of the mute videos before sharing on WhatsApp.
No serious setting applicable to those features is simply that when you get the acceptable version of the whatsapp beta.
You will find a speaker icon button at any video you would like to upload on your status.
Which it’s inform mute and unmute the video before you share it using the speaker 🔈 icon button.
Once you hit on the button it’s are going to be mute 🔇 and hit on the button back the video unmute the video.
That how you’ll carry the method out whenever you would like to upload any video to your whatsapp status.

How to mute videos before sharing on whatsapp
What does one believe this latest whatsapp feature?
It’s amazing right? If so allow us to know below and state your thoughts about the features.

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