Why Our Smartphones Overheat And How To Stop It

Why Our Smartphones Overheat And How To Stop It

With great power comes inevitable problems.our smartphones are smart because they have the ability to perform very many functions at a time, which makes it effective and helpful. However, due to its multitasking, it produces certain amounts of heat that tend to overheat the gadget. In relatively hot weather,whether in the house or outside, your phone can heat up to hundred degrees fahrenheit with no issues at all.Overheating is generally triggered by electricity that is running through your smartphone when it processes something. The harder the process the more electricity it needs and the more heat it produces.The most probable cause of overheating are;

1.) Phone games.Playing games for longer time is a problem to the phone.This is because during this activity, there is huge consumption of power and it is therefore necessary to take a break to allow your phone to cool down. If you keep on the phone will overheat and damage.

2.) Online streaming and video capturing. Streaming for longer period usually more than twenty minutes will cause your device to heat up, and if you are not in a cool environment the phone will overheat excessively. It is also advisable not to stream while charging at the same time.

3.) Don’t overcharge your battery. It is not only the processors that heat your device up ,the battery too since it is the one and only source of electricity in a smartphone. Hence it is necessary not to overcharge the battery and always keep it at about eighty to ninety percent of charge for it to stay in good shape. Also ensure that you don’t leave your phone plugged in excessively.

4.) Closed application. We find that closed apps in your phone are not always closed as they are working in the background, hence overloading the processor with tasks which will produce more heat and also deplete the battery power.

5.) WiFi. The wifi tool can make the processor hot and this is only possible if the WiFi connection is unstable, because the phone has to do a lot of work to keep the connection established.

6.)External heat. This is the heat from the environment and it can cause the phone to overheat in cases of hotness of a place. You should not expose your phone to strong direct sunlight. You should also remove your phone’s leather case when in hot surroundings to avoid heat from the phone and that from the surrounding from accumulating in the back of the case.In cold weather it is also advisable to put your phone in a case.

7.) Heating loop. Overheating can also be caused by using both the processor and the battery at the same time. This overheating can also destroy the two components hence your phone will become slower and loose charge faster. In heating loop, the battery can explode from overheating when external heat causes the battery to raise its temperature, increasing to the highest level which can produce an explosive reaction.


8.) Charging cable. When you use low quality charging cables they have the effect of overheating in phones as they don’t charge effectively. They cause the phone’s battery to heat up. Instead,you should try using a high quality charger and don’t overcharge your phone.

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