Xender Is Not Only For Sharing Files – Check Out 5 Tasks You Can Perform With This App

Many people who have an Android phone with the xender app installed in it believe that this app can only be used in sharing files, they never new that they are a lot of amazing things they can do with the application. If you are among this people then lucky today you are going to be learning about some other task you can perform with this app.Let get started.

1. Video Converter:

Many of us waste our money going on Google Play Store in other to download apps that we can use to convert our videos to Audio, we never new the xender app we all know can do it. Check out how it is done.iFirst of all click on the xender app on your phone.

iI.After doing this you will you will see an icon on the left bottom of the xender page title “TOMP3”, Then click on it

You will taken to this👇 page then click on select video

Chose the video you will like to convert

After doing this your video will automatically be converted to Audio.

2.Saving Whatsapp Status:

a lot of people enjoy using the whatsapp than any other social media so they would probably love savings some interesting status, but how can we do this with the xender app, it very easy check it out below.I. open the xender app on your phone


II. You will see an icon at the bottom of your screen titled “Social” it is at the last row on the main page click on it.

After that you will be taken to a page like this. Click on connect and follow the outlined instructions

After doing this your status Will automatically be saved to your phone gallery.

3. Chat: You can also use the xender app for sending and receiving messages just like other social media platforms, check out how you can do this below.

I. First of all click on the xender app on your phone

ii. Connect with whoever you want to chat with

On the bottom of your screen you will see an icon titled “Me”, click on it

After that you will be taken to this page in which you will have to click on the icon that looks like a message box.

From here you can comfortably chat with whoever you want to chat with.

4. File Manager: If you never knew you can use this app as a temporary file manager in your phone if you phone file manager is having problems. See how it is done.

I. First open the xender app on your phone.

II. Slide your the icon on the screen leftward until you get to the space provided for files .

Finally you can perform all your files related transactions on this page.


This is one of the interesting features of the Xender app but this features uses data to play games. here is how to play interesting games with the xender app.

I. Click on the App.

ii get your phone well loaded with data

After this click on the “Game” icon next to “TOMP3” After this enjoy your wonderful games.

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