Xiaomi destroys Apple with the decision of the charger: if you want it, it will be included at no cost

We have been talking for a couple of days about the chargers and the decision to Xiaomi, Apple y Samsung. Yesterday we published this news on April Fools Day that it is completely invented, but it is not the news in which we told you that Xiaomi will remove the charger from its Xiaomi Mi 11. Today we have very good news from Xiaomi, which , leaves Apple red-faced and proves that Xiaomi does not perform this action for the fact of making money. Or at least it’s not just for that.

Xiaomi will give you a charger at no cost if you need it

Xiaomi has just ceased any criticism on the issue of chargers with its decision revealed in the presentation. The Xiaomi Mi 11 box arrives without a charger when you buy it, but the company will give you the option of include one in case you need it. And yes, the optional charger is 55W and take advantage of the fast loading of the terminal.

The device is only available, at the moment, in China, so this option is being offered only in this market. Can buy your Xiaomi Mi 11 and choose if you want it to arrive with an extra box that includes a charger or not. If you have many chargers at home you may not want another that is in a drawer. If you don’t have a USB C fast charger, you can choose to have one included at no extra cost.

So yes, Xiaomi. But…

It is the decision that we expected from Apple a few months ago and that never came. Xiaomi does well in offer fast charger to users who do not have one. The company saves shipping costs by having smaller boxes and washes, lightly, its face with the theme of production savings and environment.

Here the question is that it is the user who chooses if he wants an extra product or not. How many users will decline the charger? It is very difficult to know, since any user who pays about 600 euros / dollars for this device will want to have everything that includes and probably go for the charger option.

It is completely legal and normal, since only a small percentage of users who buy the Xiaomi Mi 11 will have at home a 55W fast charger take advantage of the fast charging of the device.

The but we are talking about comes into play with the internationalization of the device. Nobody knows if this decision Xiaomi will extend to Spain or Latin America when the device goes on sale, so you have to wait.

Since we believe that Xiaomi’s decision is the right one and that all technology companies should do something similar. The first year it may not be noticeable, but as time goes by, more and more users will have fast chargers at home and decline the small box with the included adapter.

What do you think of this decision Xiaomi with charger theme? Do you think it is better than Apple?

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