Xiaomi in evidence: it will not include a charger in its next phones

Apple, Samsung and now Xiaomi. The Chinese company has announced that the next Xiaomi Mi 11 It will arrive without charger inside the box. It is the same strategy that Apple followed with the launch of the iPhone 12 and that now some companies are following like little lambs. The Xiaomi thing is not a rumor or a leak: it is a official confirmation by components of the company. Xiaomi has shielded itself in having a much thinner and lighter box for the sale of the device.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 will not include a charger in the box, bad decision?

It is easy to understand that Android companies copy some decisions or technologies from Apple when the market welcomes them with open arms. What is much more difficult to understand is that copy the decisions that the market criticizes. Yes, we know that not everyone has criticized the decision of Apple, but yes one vast majority of users.

Xiaomi has made the decision to remove the charger from the box knowing that the whole market would be on him. This was inevitable, whether Apple did it or not a few months ago. But Xiaomi has not only borrowed the decision, but also the justification: the company appeals to care for the environment and the arrival of a much smaller and lighter box.

It is already a reality, if you will buy a Xiaomi Mi 11 this device will arrive without charger. It will have a cable for charging, but not the power adapter. It is a vital accessory to use the device, although it is very likely that you already have one at home.

Xiaomi’s decision is worse than Apple’s

Apple hasn’t been advertising blazing fast uploads for years with which to load your terminal in a few minutes. Xiaomi has done so in recent years and will continue to do so. The good news so far is that if it advertised a 30W load the charger was included. Now this will not happen.

Xiaomi has been introducing fast charges for a while now to have to buy the charger separately. Apple’s fast charge can be used with a charger of about 10 euros / dollars, something that costs more if you have a high-end Android.

It is quite likely that Xiaomi present a fast charge of 50 or 60W in the Xiaomi Mi 11, a charge that you will not be able to take advantage of with a charger of 10 euros / dollars. Apple does not highlight its fast charging, but Xiaomi does. Breastfeeding offering a very fast charge and then taking away the possibility of taking advantage of it is quite questionable.

The decision is already made and will be Xiaomi the one that knows the real consequences. Apple may not affect the cost of the charger in the sale of the terminal, but Xiaomi is very likely to. The reason? It is more expensive to manufacture a charger 50W faster than 5W.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think Xiaomi will notice?

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