Xiaomi Mall app download on Huawei App Market exceeds 48 million

There is so much competition in the smartphone market presently. Manufacturers will do all they can to keep their existing customers. In fact, users of a particular brand form a fan base and verbally attack or throw jabs at other brands. Now, there is a new tussle between Xiaomi and Huawei. Actually, this is a tussle between Xiaomi and Huawei fans. A recent report shows that on the Huawei App Market, the Xiaomi Mall download record is quite high.

The report claims that Xiaomi Mall has been downloaded 48.64 million times on the Huawei App Market. In addition, it has a high rating of 4.8/5 from over 1,800 users. In addition, there are comments from over 2,700 people. Most of the comments are hilarious

One comment reads  “Mr. Yu, forgive me for temporarily taking refuge in Xiaomi. After all…, the Kirin chip is out of print. I will be back when Kirin returns”. Mr. Yu refers to “Yu Chengdong” who is Huawei’s CEO.

Another comment reads “Don’t panic Mr. Yu. The Huawei flagship is really good. The mobile phone is still a smooth batch after more than two years, but it is really a little expensive. The wallet cannot afford it. Even if the wallet can afford it, your Mate40 Pro is out of stock. I feel that the scalpers are disgusting. Come on Huawei, I will use it later when I have money, I will temporarily take refuge in Mr. Lei, Xiaomi is really fragrant.”

Yet another reads “Today I used Douyin and saw the release of Mi 11, and wanted to take a look at Mi 11 in the official store, so I tried to open the Huawei App Market and searched it. The result was surprisingly found that Mi Mall had been downloaded nearly 50 million times…I have to admire that Huawei’s metrics are really big. Will users who have downloaded Xiaomi Mall in the Huawei App Market like me be blacklisted by Huawei?”

No doubt, Huawei will not blacklist users for downloading Xiaomi Mall app from the Huawei App Market. However, there are reports that Huawei is losing many customers and most are moving to Xiaomi.  Of course, many of Huawei’s customers are leaving because of the U.S. ban. There are some features that they may want to use that Huawei phones do not currently have.


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