Xiaomi Mi A3 gets another “brick-free” Android 11 update

Saying that the Xiaomi Mi A3 has had bad luck with its software updates would honestly be an understatement. Granted, the Chinese giant has historically struggled a bit more on its Android One device software in general, but even by those standard the whopping four attempts it took to bring Android 10 to the Mi A3 are a bit much. They have now been followed-up a no-less-than three Android 11 builds in quick succession.

Xiaomi Mi A3 gets another ''brick-free'' Android 11 update

At the very end of last year, Mi A3 users got their first Android 11 OTA, with many quickly reporting that it bricked their devices. That prompted a quick halt in rollout, as well as a promise to take care of affected phones free-of-charge on the company’s part.

That halt basically lasted a few hours and an OTA started seeding once again. Credit where credit is due – impressively quick work on Xiaomi’s part, even if it was on damage control. However, the second Android 11 build, functional as it was, did leave users wanting a few things. Namely the built-in Screen recorder feature, that was yanked from the build, as well as some slightly-newer Android security patches to replace the December 2020 ones.

Screen recording is available once again

Screen recording is available once again

Both of these are present in the new OTA package that has recently started seeding, with a V12.0.4.0.RFQMIXM (global variant) built number. The download is 329MB in size and contains both the Screen recorder and January 2021 security patches. Also, the YouTube Music app is now an Android system app and part of the default load-out.

Here’s hoping that third time’s the charm and that it’s going to be nothing but smooth sailing for Mi A3 users from here on out.



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