Xiaomi presents a mobile without borders, without buttons and without ports, is it useful? Will we see it for sale?

Xiaomi just presented the strangest mobile than we have in 2021. In fact, he will probably continue with this title for a few more months, because his body and characteristics are quite incredible. It does not have a commercial name and it is a concept, which has been presented by the company itself and not by third parties as leaks. This means that Xiaomi intends to launch this device on the market at some point. This new device is peculiar because it has no buttons, no ports, and no bezels – it’s all screen.

The true all-screen Xiaomi is this smartphone

It is not the first time that we see a concept of mobile without ports, because a while ago Vivo announced something similar. What’s more, some very popular mobiles on the market chose to ignore buttons such as volume buttons and include them on the screen. Now Xiaomi gives a return to all these concepts and presents what seems to be the mobile without buttons and no definitive connections.

The summary of this smartphone is that everything is screen except its rear. The front part is full of screen, which extends to the side edges and also to the top and bottom. Yes, all the frames or edges are screen, even in the lower and upper part, something uncommon in the current market.

The only area where edges are visible is at the device corners, which are protected by their own framework. It is a very interesting concept that comes with questionable utility. We will see how it manages Xiaomi phantom keystrokes and a good button experience. Charging is not a major problem, as wireless charging technology is already well established in the market and has very interesting speeds.

Will this device hit the market?

It is one of the questions that everyone is asking. Xiaomi has 46 patents that defend this design and allow it to launch it on the market. The company has provided explanations about its complicated manufacturing, so it lets us know that you are thinking of launching it on the market.

Yesterday we told you that the company is planning to launch a 1,500 euros / dollars mobile, so it could be this. It is time to wait and see if Xiaomi intends to do the same with this device as with it Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, a mobile that was sold very exclusively in China and at an extremely high price.


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