You are going to love this new WhatsApp trick: copy and paste content much faster

99 Do you use a lot WhatsApp? Do you share a lot of images and videos with your friends? The new WhatsApp feature that has been enabled is one of the best of the whole year. It is already operational in beta version and it is a matter of time before it reaches the stable version for all users. What does it offer? An improvement to the clipboard WhatsApp related to the multimedia content of your device. Thanks to this whatsapp trick you can copy and paste images and videos more easily, without using the share menu.

The new way to share images on WhatsApp: copy and paste

WABetaInfo has reported a new feature that is now available to beta users. Do not worry if you are not a beta tester of WhatsApp, because the most normal thing is that it is implemented very soon for all users in the world. This new whatsapp trick simplify sharing multimedia content from your smartphone gallery.

From this moment you can select several images from your gallery, click on ‘To export‘and then copy. You will no longer have to use the share menu and select WhatsApp and then chat: just go to WhatsApp, make a long press on the text box and select ‘take‘.

They will then be copied all the images and videos that you have selected in your gallery and you can send them. It is a very interesting way to share content without having to open the share menu, which, on some mid / low-end devices, can take a few seconds. Not to mention the time saved to find the application and the chat in which you want to share it.

At the moment this function is available on all mobiles that have updated to WhatsApp Beta and very soon in those who do not have access to this version. The best thing is that you try, because when it is activated you will not know that it is already active.


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