You’ll stop Pressing phone in the Toilet after reading this


You’ll stop Pressing phone in the Toilet after reading this

While we stay at home observing the nation wide lockdown,I present to you a very important issue which may cause harm to 86 percent of our youths… Make sure you read every single information here

It has become a normality for most of the youth nowadays to go in with their phone into the Toilet, even though they all know it is somehow improper to do so…

This is a habit we cultivated over time. There is 90 percent possibility that you are reading this in the toilet also. Nowadays it is a problem for most people to live without their phone and even think alone for sometimes. Being addicted to your mobile phone isn’t my subject right now but taking it to the toilet with you can cause more harm than you could ever imagine as we are putting our brain and health at risk.

You probablly don’t know some of the ways pressing phone in the toilet affects you, this I’ll be sharing with you now…

Are you still in the toilet??? You gotta come out first…..

The first thing to worry about is GERMS:- according to pathologists are microbiologist there are thousands of bacterias and fungi on the surface of your most part of our toilets. Most of them are harmless why most are potential causes of sickness. Most of this thing sticks to our phone when we place our phones on those surfaces or even while pressing them. Example of such microbe is Etanamoeba coli(affects urinary tracts) and actinectobacter that enters any opening in your body to ruin your health, Etanamoeba (causes amobic dysentery) all these are harmful organism that you get exposed to staying long in the bathroom…


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Secondly your chances of getting Hemorrhoids (Pile):- your cellphone gives you lot of entertaining stuffs (from news to images) this makes you stay longer than expected in the toilet. By doing so you are putting pressure on the rectum which may leads to hemorrhoids and makes existing hemorrhoids worse

Thirdly your phone needs a little time to rest during the day:- most of us see going to the toilet to ejest as a bonus time to press your phone as our mums and Dads won’t get to see us pressing phones, so no complain. We tends to stay longer. In grown ups and working class it is an opportunity to rest at work to catch the slightest fun. Doing this affects our brain cells as that moment should be used to relax it.

Another problem is development of PELVIC muscle ache:- sitting for long may cause pelvic muscle ache,most of us feels this ache but didn’t know the cause, this might be the cause why you get ache at the pelvis.

Another thing is that, flushing the toilet set send air of microbes to the air around your nostrils,when inhaled some of them get trapped my the mucur and the hair in the nostrils,while a great number get into the epithelial lining of the nose causing irritations and catarrh and other unfavorable conditions.

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Finally you get a chance of losing your phone as it may fall into the closet while doing your thing at some point,you wouldn’t like to touch the shit when it falls….

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I hope what you just read was very helpful. Drop your comments below,like,share and most importantly start living a healthy life henceforth….

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